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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Amish Country Vacation

At the end of last month, Mr. BTEG and I were at two completely opposite types of destinations. He had to go to Las Vegas for a work convention, so I decided to take a little vacation while he was gone. I chose to go to Amish Country and do some shopping. This post is only going to have the few pictures that I took of the doll that I brought along, around my hotel. I did some serious shopping for the four days that I was there, and wore myself out, so I didn't take all of the poses with Teresa that I was considering. But I did take several pictures of dolls and toys that I saw in the antique stores there. Those pictures will be my next post.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Rainy Day


This picture has been up on Instagram for a while, and I haven't taken any more photo challenge pictures since. I've been busy with all kinds of preparations for upcoming events, including making eight pumpkin pies, with fresh pumpkin. We've had snow since this picture was taken, but the weather has gone up to being a bit more comfortable. Happy Thanksgiving to my doll collector friends in the USA!

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Light It Up

Monday's photo challenge theme was Fairy Lights. I have a lot of mini light strings, so this was fun for me. I love how this photo turned out. I used the Night setting on my phone, which holds the lens open longer to let more light in, to make items taken in dark conditions more visible. I think I have a similar setting on my camera, too. You do need to use a stand when taking photos like this; any movement at all will blur the photo.

Friday, November 11, 2022



Another Instagram challenge photo. I'm not completely happy with it, but it's cute. It was a pain to tuck all those dolls under the blankets, and I'm also sorry that I didn't get a chance to put some items in the background.

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Coffee or Tea ?

I'm trying to take part in a November photo challenge on Instagram. November 2nd's prompt was Tea or Coffee? I don't like either, but I pictured one of my dolls drinking green tea, and another drinking coffee.

I also ended up hanging my doll-sized painting on the wall. I had said I had some other pictures I wanted to take with the blue wall, but without the painting. The best laid plans and all that, those pictures haven't happened yet. I've been distracted by other things, one of them being that my nephew is getting married today, an hour and a half away. I wanted to make a dress, and I was almost finished, but discovered a tear in the fabric that kept me from cutting out the last piece. Replacement fabric is on the way, but won't be here on time. Oh well, I'll still have a nice dress to wear all winter. I managed to find a dress from a store, that I liked, and also got some new shoes for the occasion. I haven't had to wear dressy shoes for years. I miss formal family occasions.

I'm motivated to participate more in this photo challenge, so hopefully I can get back into doll stuff tomorrow.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

New Artwork for the 1:6 Crowd

Wow, it has been a long time since I've posted. I just haven't had much interest in doll photography lately. I did put a lot of effort into cleaning up and organizing my doll crafting/photography area during August, so I was at least getting things done, although I've missed interacting with you all and getting stuff online.

Last weekend, Mr. BTEG and I went to an outdoor craft fair. One booth had a variety of poured acrylic paintings in various sizes, including tiny ones, just about the right size for Barbie artwork.

Cassie is enjoying a warm drink in the cooler fall weather, next to her lovely new painting. Canvases in this size are super cheap at the craft stores. I have some blank ones that I want to create something on; I just can't decide what would be "just right." Although now that I think about it, maybe a stylized pumpkin for the fall, and a pansy for another; pansies are my favorite flower. There were also mini easels being sold with the little paintings. I did buy one, but it's not the right proportions. I could probably make an easel, or just hang this on the wall. I didn't want to hang it this time, because I'm moving on to another photo shoot or two with this backdrop.

I may have to buy another ring light. I used my large "softbox" light for this shoot, and most of the photos turned out blurry, I think because of lighting issues.  I don't exactly like the composition of this, and some of the edges are blurry, but my goodness, I really wanted to get this shoot done. I also need to do some serious doll sewing. Cassie is wearing the only pair of long pants that I own for the Barbie group. 

Talking of cooler fall weather, as if right on cue, the temperature dropped about 30 degrees Fahrenheit on the first day of fall. Autumn is my favorite season, and it is rather glorious here right now. I hope that you all are doing well!

Monday, August 1, 2022

Dresses for Curvy Barbie

I've been chatting with MC about sewing for dolls over the last month or so. I sewed these two dresses for the Curvy Barbie body shape a very long time ago, but I decided that the dresses needed Velcro instead of snaps, and I kept putting off making that change. I finally forced myself to do it, and it did take me quite awhile to get all six of the snaps, over both dresses, off, but now the dresses can be worn and not stay on my "to-do" pile.

I'm sorry to say that I have forgotten where I bought the hook-and-loop closure that I used to close up the backs of these dresses. It is, however, very nicely suited for dolls. The hooks are not as large and grabby as on other kinds that I've used, and the attaching side is very soft, almost leathery in feel. As for size, the strips above were cut in half from a large roll that I have. This stuff goes through the sewing machine beautifully, and cuts easily.

The bodices of the dresses are fully lined, which I find the easiest way to finish a sleeveless dress, and the pattern was created by myself. Even though we're moving into what will probably be the hottest days of the summer here, I think I should start working on autumn clothes for dolls next. I'm trying out some new patterns, and September will be here soon!

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Happy Independence Day

I had this nice backyard picnic diorama set up, and then my ring light didn't work. After only one other use. So these pictures aren't great, but I put so much effort into this, and got help from Mr. BTEG, that I decided to pick the best of the group and put them up anyway.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Along the Shore

This spring, Mr. BTEG and I began to search for beach glass during some of our trips to the lake shore. Some of the pieces of glass are so tiny, that my 12" dolls can have their own collection.

I wanted to have the glass in the sunlight, so that the light made the glass sparkle, but this also made my photo not turn out as well as I would have liked. I guess I'll just keep trying to improve.

Here are some other interesting pieces of glass that Mr. BTEG, the Dancer, and I have picked up.

You can tell the part of the bottle from whence these pieces of glass came.

Some of the pieces of glass still have letters on them. This was probably part of the words "One Quart."

This glass has gotten extremely cloudy with time. I'm thinking the S. was part of U.S. Not sure what the W could be.

I like cloudy pieces of glass as something different from the plain clear pieces.

Not sure what this is, maybe from a Pyrex bowl. I couldn't get a good shot of it, but whatever this was, it was genuine.

There are lots of pieces of pottery or tile that wash up onto shore. There are also lots and lots of shells, although not very many large ones, due to being fresh water.

I have several pieces of very pretty blue glass. The dark blue is one the rarest, if not the rarest color for a beachcomber to find. I find it interesting that there are so many shades of blue.

Do you have any fun plans for the summer with your dolls?

6/26 I'm adding a picture of an ornament that I bought, made from beach glass, driftwood, shells, and I think some pottery.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

2022 World Doll Day - In Honor of Dorothy in PA

Technically, yesterday was World Doll Day, but I didn't get a chance to celebrate it until today. World Doll Day was started in 1986 by famous doll artist and collector, Mildred Seeley. It is a day to share the love of doll collecting by giving a doll to "someone special." It is promoted by the United Federation of Doll Clubs, although you do not need to be a member to take part. I especially wanted to give away a doll this year in honor of a blog commenter, that many of you know, Dorothy in PA. Dorothy very kindly spent a lot of time last year getting me signed up as a member of UFDC, as an independent member. This is my way of honoring her time and effort.

Sadly, there aren't any little girls in my immediate circle anymore. So I gave a doll to the daughter of someone I am friendly with, who works at a restaurant that Mr. BTEG and I like to eat at. I've met the girl a couple of times; she is a little cutie and will be turning three next month.

The Girlfriends line is sold at Meijer, if you wanted to know. Thank you to Dorothy in PA for being a great doll friend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Cleveland Asian Festival 2022

This past weekend was the annual Asian Festival, that was held in the part of Cleveland known as Asian Town. Mr. BTEG, the Dancer and I all visited it on Sunday. Mr. BTEG has been to Asian Town often before, as he used to go lunch there with some of his co-workers of Asian descent. The Dancer and I had never been before.

Of course, I always look for doll things. I was afraid that I wouldn't see anything this time, until we checked out the stores in the small Asian mall, that also had the restaurant where we ate lunch.

There was a store that carried Chinese style dresses for American Girl and Wellie Wishers dolls. They also had a variety of little porcelain Chinese style tea sets. I didn't buy anything, but of course, the shop will be there while the Festival booths won't.

I did buy a pair of Hello Kitty earrings.

There were some performances from local organizations. We only managed to catch several acts from Hawaiian dancers

and some dancers from a school that teaches "Bollywood style."

I'm glad that I caught the girl dressed in Chinese style clothes in the picture. I saw her around the festival all day. Very few other people were dressed in traditional Asian styles, but I did see one woman wearing tabi (Japanese split-toe socks) with geta (wooden shoes with two wooden supports underneath.) I had to wonder how uncomfortable she was, because it had poured rain the night before, and had rained a little that morning, so there were puddles, and also some muddy spots. Sure, the geta kept her feet off the ground, but I don't know if the tabi got wet.

There was an enormous outdoor food court set up for the festival, but the lines for food stretched all the way down the food court, so we went into the mall to have lunch in the permanent restaurant there. We had to wait for a table there, but it was probably actually less time than the food court, with the advantage of sitting down! Mr. BTEG has eaten there before, although he prefers a little hole-in-the-wall dim sum restaurant in the area, but that was too far for tired people to walk.

Unlike a lot of American restaurants that have coffee carafes and coffee cups on the table, this restaurant of course had a tea pot full of hot tea, and traditional tea cups. Mr. BTEG and the Dancer drank some.

I had sweet and sour chicken, which I was just able to pick up using chopsticks. Meanwhile, the Dancer easily ate rice with her chopsticks. I was jealous, but she's been to Chinese restaurants a lot more often than I have. (Admission: I don't like Asian food. I like sweet and sour chicken without the sweet and sour sauce, though; it's just chicken fried in tempura batter.)

Spring ushers in a long season of fairs and festivals here, which doesn't end until after Halloween. Maybe we'll get out to more this year, now that they're back. And of course, I'll always be on the hunt for doll things! Do you like to go to festivals like these?

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

My Collection Part Nineteen: Madame Alexander Travel Friends

There aren't going to be any new pictures of these dolls. I bought them back in 2015, so even if you saw the posts when I reviewed the dolls, you've probably forgotten about them, and what they looked like. I reviewed them in great detail; unfortunately, there were a lot of flaws in the dolls, clothes, and box art. If you're interested, check out Germany and Ireland here, and Italy, Kenya and Russia here.

Here are the five dolls together.

Top from left to right: Italy, Russia, Kenya

Bottom from left to right: Germany, Ireland

The Germany doll, who I named Gretel, is wearing mini AG Felicity's dress, because her own outfit is just horrible. The shirt was too short, and the lederhosen were too baggy, and the straps were too tight when I tried to sit Gretel down. Plus her shoes were huge on her, as opposed to the other dolls. I guess that's because she came wearing stockings, which none of the other dolls did.

So ein Pech

The girls' clothes also had huge tags in them, that could stick out from the outfit.


When I re-read my reviews, I didn't remember how much I had really savaged some of the aspects of these dolls. However, I only paid $10 or so for each doll, and overall they *are* cute. They kind of remind of dolls like the Kruselings, only about 2" or 5cm shorter. I think I like my dolls' overall look better, actually. It's just too bad that Madame Alexander, a doll manufacturer name associated with quality, produced dolls with so many issues. This type of doll, which they also tried to use for a princess line, and a NASCAR line (so odd!) didn't sell very well, and few doll styles made it to stores.

Total dolls: 82

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Making a Splash

Apparently bathtubs were the hot home-decor item at Michael's this spring. Of course, the doll collector can't help but wonder if any of the tubs will work with her dolls. I ended up buying three. 

The white tub with the black feet is just about right for 16" dolls. Sam's legs can't extend all the way out inside the tub, but she found it a nice place to soak and day dream.

There were two other sizes of this tub at Michael's. At least, I think that one next to the biggest tub, is smaller than the medium tub. I forget now, and it's hard to tell!

Teresa liked playing with a rubber ducky. This tub is just a bit on the big size for a 12" doll, maybe, but I think it looks fine when pictured from the side.

There were three colors of that bathtub at Michael's: the one above and the two below.

Marie thinks this bathtub just the right size for her and her school friends. The Eden line of Madeline dolls included a set of bathroom furniture long ago, but as with just about everything from this line, it's super expensive on the secondary market now. The soap/dish and bath brush came from a Madeline set, and I also have a Madeline freestanding towel rack which came with the towel that Marie is using.

I happened to go down a different aisle at Michael's and saw that there were also bathtubs like this one in red and green, in the "strawberry theme" section of home decor.

I tried the trick of putting clear Contact paper on the floor tiles, which is supposed to make the paper look more like shiny vinyl tile. Maybe it's just my lighting, or angles, or something, but I don't see a big difference.

Also at Micheal's was a bathtub/candle holder, in two different colors.

Someone else on Instagram bought it for dolls. I was debating getting one, but I didn't want to bother digging out the candle. These tubs were pretty small, too.

Also, there was this galvanized tub with a shower head. This would be about right for American Girl or a large doll like that.

Don't mind the prices on Michael's things. The newest stuff goes on sale practically from the minute it comes in the door. This conveniently means you can't use their coupons for the newest stuff, as most Michael's coupons are not usable with sales items. Occasionally you do get a coupon which gives you a percentage off of your entire purchase including sales. On the other hand, last month I walked out with a plastic scrapbook paper storage case, two rolls of materials for my Cricut, and a several foot long garland made up of foam-type pastel Easter eggs for less than $8. I felt like I was stealing something. The trick at Michael's is to keep your eye on sales and to be signed up in their membership program, which gets you coupons.

Also at Michael's of doll interest was this piece of artificial green grass. It was labeled as a placemat, but can you imagine crumbs and spills on this? Maybe it would be nice for a centerpiece, with an Easter tree on top. It's smaller than the other piece of fake grass that I have; I used this one for my Easter shoot.

Then there were these chairs. I thought really hard about getting the red one, but decided against it. Someone on Instagram showed one of those chairs with a Tonner doll, and it looked okay, but didn't make me regret not buying one. I feel like the yellow and white chairs had too deep of a seat. They're probably made to display something-not-a-doll on, so that makes sense.

That reminds me that Michael's did have a small group of little plants of the kind that rarely need water, like a bromeliad. They might make good plants for a doll house or display. If Michael's doesn't have any more, because it took me forever to get this post up, or if you don't have a Michael's, I'm sure they can be found other places. At least in the US, these plants are another one of the things currently in style for home-decor.

Michael's happened to have these trash and recycle cans. I've seen those for a long time in other people's pictures. I think they're supposed to be for use on an office desk.


Lastly were these wall-hanging shelves. Or at least, they're supposed to be shelves. I thought they would make good side tables for dolls. Jaye of Jaye's Doll Space put up a picture on Instagram where she used the shorter one as a raised cocktail table. It's fun to see other people find the same things to re-purpose for dolls that you did. The small and large are two different size options, not the same piece.

I happened to be at Hobby Lobby around the same time, but the only thing doll-adaptable that I saw, besides the dollhouse things that they sell, were these mugs and teapots. And of course the mugs and teapots aren't the same scale, unless maybe the teapot is a one cuppa size. Both items were also too big for 12" dolls, but could work with a larger crew.

How often do you find regular decor that you can use for dolls?