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Thursday, September 25, 2014

J-Dolls in Fashion Fever

After so long lamenting that the good old days of Fashion Avenue and Fashion Fever are long gone, imagine my surprise! I bought two Fashion Fever outfits off of ebay, only to find that just one clothing piece actually fit my Fashion Fever Teresa! I have to wonder now if that was often the case. But even though the tops were way too small on Teresa, they did at least fit my J-Dolls, so it wasn't a total loss. And the purses are cute. The outfits also came with sunglasses, but they are not being modeled today.

Here we see Lindsay modeling her new top. It's made to look like a blouse with a v-neck, long-sleeved shirt over it.

I love the purse that goes with it. No, it doesn't open, but the way the handles look vaguely like vines of plants is cool.

Next we have Melanie showing off her new top. It's meant to look like a gold tube top with a peach sleeveless overblouse, or at least I think that's the intended style.

Her purse doesn't open either, but the little zipper pull is a nice touch, even if it's not connected to a zipper. It's nicer than it appeared in the box, anyway.

Here Melanie models the short lacy jacket that goes over her top. I think the two shades of peach look nice together.

And lastly, here are our two models sitting on the bench that seems to be a favorite place for the girls to soak up a little sun on these fall days.

The skirt is an attempt at making a J-Doll skirt that didn't quite work out, and the shorts are from Mattel's original Stacie. They're a little short, but I don't have a lot of pants or skirts for the J-Dolls to wear at the moment.

I'm sure at some point Fashion Fever Teresa, or at least the denim pants that came with the peach tops, will make an appearance. I've ordered a couple of more Fashion Fever pieces, so we'll see if any of that actually works with the belly button body.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fashion Fever Doll, and a Fashion Avenue Outfit

Today I have pictures of a Fashion Fever Teresa in her original outfit, and a regular doll on a Shani body, who is wearing a Fashion Avenue outfit.

I love the Teresa face mold
I love the Mackie mold as well, although her lips are an interesting color.

I understand why some people prefer fabric purses to plastic ones. However, I much prefer Teresa's purse versus the one this Fashion Avenue outfit came with.

I like the positioning of Teresa's hands as well, although perhaps one should have been palms to side. These rather remind me of Monster High and Ever After High hands.

Here Teresa stands up to show you her whole outfit, including those shoes! I could never walk in those things, even in my size! :D

I forgot to get a good picture of the buttons on her cardigan -- the edges keep wanting to turn inside out. But you can see the threads sewing them on. :)

The pattern of this sweater really makes it special. Mattel could have gone with a plain stitch, but they didn't. The knitter in me admires the tininess of it.

The same thing goes for the waffle weave of this shirt. It makes the entire outfit a stand-out.

Lastly, the dolls model some doll-sized storage bins that I bought at Michael's. They were $1 each. I also saw them at Office Max. I would imagine they're in other stores as well.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Tonner Doll Wizard Of Oz Designer Collaboration

Stratos at The Fashion Doll Chronicles posted on a project wherein Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Tonner Doll Company, Inc. worked with famous designers to create new looks for Dorothy, Glinda and the Wicked Witch of the West, from the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz. The dolls are being auctioned on ebay and will benefit Habitat for Humanity's "There's No Place Like Home" campaign.

The one I like best is the Reem Acra gingham evening dress with train, but I love that Byron Lars' Dorothy is carrying a water gun. :-)  He also did a unique re-imagining of Dorothy's ruby slippers.

Madame Alexander did something similar in 1999 with its Celebration of Design Collection for the 21" Cissy doll, only those dolls were mass-produced. I can't find any information about that collection online to share with you, however.

Would you buy a OOAK doll created by a famous designer if money was no object?