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Friday, April 26, 2019

New Dolls! Cu-Poche by Kotobukiya

Today I have brand new dolls to talk about, from a line that I imagine is new to many of you. They are from a company named Kotobukiya, a Japanese company which has been around since 1953, making toys, figures and novelty items. These dolls are from the Cu-Poche line, a group of vinyl dolls made in chibi style. In Japanese, chibi apparently just means "short." In the greater world of those interested in Japanese culture outside of Japan, chibi means a child-like character with exaggerated features. This type of character can be seen in anime and manga art. For all I know, chibi also means a small, cute, child-like character in Japan currently too, but I don't have access to any experts on Japanese culture.

Cu-Poche dolls are made of PVC and ABS. Mine have fabric clothes; some have vinyl clothes. There are generic figures, characters from popular Japanese entertainment, and a handful of fairytale characters. The two I chose are Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella. Here they are inside their boxes. I like how the front of Cinderella's box looks like a coach.

Here are the boxes from the back, showing you what accessories you get with your doll.

The doll inside the box is packed in a plastic clamshell, with more fragile items wrapped in plastic, and some of the smaller pieces have tape over the indentation they're in, to keep them from falling out.
I'm going to start with Little Red.
Both she and Cinderella are approximately 11cm, or 4.3 inches tall. Cu-Poche dolls have magnets in their feet, to help them to stand and hold poses.

We'll talk more about this stand at the end.
Lots more pictures and reviewing under the fold!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

It's been another odd holiday for us. Mr. BTEG is recovering from the flu, and I still have a bit of a cold, so we stayed quietly here at home. Fortunately, our daughters got to spend time outside the house, with other family. I'm a little down, but it will pass.

I'm in the process of reorganizing my part of our family craft/hobby room, so I didn't have a lot of space to get a picture set up. Heidi from When I Read I Dream looks cute in this quick pic I set up.
A blessed Easter to all of you who celebrated this holy day.