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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

The family is all set for Thanksgiving! Mollie tells her daughter Gwen how proud she is for doing such a good job helping Mom make dinner.

The mixer is currently available at World Market/Cost Plus. I'm afraid it may be a bit too big.

ETA:  I went to Target yesterday (don't worry, it was well after all the frenzied Black Friday shopping.) And what did I happen to see, but this:
It's even the same color! As Rachael said, that color is very fashionable right now. This was the biggest version. As you can see, there was a smaller version next to it, and then there was a still smaller version past that. I also took a picture with my hand in it, to get an idea of scale. Since I'm so short, and that shelf was high, this was the closest I could get to the mixer. :)
So I guess my mixer really isn't too large after all! Thanks to all of you who gave me encouragement about it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Made to Move Curvy Barbie

In my previous post, I wrote that I had finally managed to grab one of these dolls at retail. When I first looked at her on Amazon several months ago, she was priced at about $45 by scalpers. About a month ago she went down to about $33. Last week I decided to glance at her listing again, and she was finally back at her original retail price! I had to wait for the doll to physically come back into stock so that she could be shipped. Amazon's last quote to me was the 14th to ship, but much to my surprise, I got a notice on the 9th that she had been sent out, and I got her on the 11th. Amazon seems to have been the only place to buy this doll, which I imagine is partially why the scalpers were trying to make a killing with her.

I bought one of the original Curvy dolls in February 2016 (wow, that's longer ago than I thought!) I've been waiting ever since then for a light skinned Made to Move Curvy body to be produced. I do have the the Made to Move Dancer Curvy doll, although purchased pretty late in the game, when I found her at Walmart around late August on clearance. But that first Curvy doll I bought has been waiting for a body since early 2016. Fortunately, I'm not particularly fond of the face that the Basic Made to Move Curvy Barbie comes with, so I only had to buy one. Here are the the two curvy girls standing side by side. More pictures below the fold.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


I finally found Curvy MtM Barbie on Amazon for her recommended retail price! As you can see, I'm going to have to wait for her to be shipped, but it's worth it. I have a Curvy Barbie here who has been wanting articulation for a long time; a little longer won't matter.