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Monday, June 22, 2015

Madeline's Horse and Carriage by Learning Curve

Between them, Eden and Learning Curve turned out some very nice dolls, pets, clothes, furniture and accessories for the 8" Madeline doll, based on the character who first came to life in a series of books by Ludwig Bemelmans. One of those was a horse and carriage for Madeline and a companion to go driving around the streets of Paris. I love carriages, and Madeline's seemed very nicely made, so after quite a while of looking on and off, I found one. Since Madeline is only 8" (20.3cm), I expected the carriage to be nice, but not exactly very large. Imagine my surprise when I found a box this size at my front door.
It was quite a handful to carry up to my bedroom. I was glad it was easy to get out of the box--four twist ties around the horse's legs, two around the carriage wheel, and a zip tie that can be seen where the dolls' feet would rest.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

World Doll Day Tag Post

I was tagged by BlackKitty for a World Doll Day post. World Doll Day occurs on the second Saturday of June every year. Here are the requirements for the post:

1. List 3 favorite dolls from the ones you got last year.
2. List 3 dolls currently on your wish list.
3. Tag 5 people to do the same thing!

When I looked to see what dolls I got last year, I was surprised at how few dolls I actually bought! Oh, I did buy several mini AG dolls, but they were often around $10 each, cheaper than many Barbie dolls. Other than that, there were only a few new doll purchases. Makes it easy to pick favorites.

1. Vintage Daphne by Robert Tonner

I love the Daphne sculpt. I love her old-fashioned undergarments. She has the newest style body produced in Tyler size. And she's one of the few dolls that I've been in a position to afford right when it was produced.

2. Mini American Girl Caroline

I bought a bunch of mini AGs when they went on sale at American Girl. I also bought a few for good prices on eBay at the same time. Although Samantha is my favorite character in the 18" line, I like the Caroline doll the best overall. I don't have a picture of her individually, so her she is with some of her friends, in a bookcase I've converted mostly to roomboxes for dolls. She's the one in pink. I like her face, her dress, and her wavy hair.

3. J-Doll Spitalgrasse

I didn't like any of the clothes that she came with, but I was able to sell her outfit. I like how her blue eyes really glow in certain looks.
What dolls are currently on my wish list? That's kind of a difficult subject. I don't have too many specific dolls that I want, as much as I want to expand the number of dolls that I have from certain lines. There are a few individual dolls I'd like to get.

1. J-Doll Abbott Street

I really like this doll, and her outfit. I don't think she's worth a hundred dollars in terms of what you get for the money. J-Doll bodies are fragile, outfits can be problematic, and the wigs are hit or miss in terms of quality. This one will probably remain on the wish list for a very long time.

2. Spring Unsprung Holly O'Hair

I keep debating whether or not to get into the Ever After High line. This doll is on my wishlist if I do. Mr. BTEG won't buy EAH dolls for me as gifts, because he doesn't find "big head" dolls aesthetically pleasing. That wouldn't stop me from buying one for myself, but it is one less route I might acquire a new doll. I'm also not sure I want to get into yet another line and body type. Fitting new dolls into displays with dolls of the same type is not as hard as finding someplace for a whole new doll line to live.

3. Ann Estelle Dottie Delight by Tonner

 I did have this doll at one point, and sold her during a rough patch. I'd really like to get this doll back.
So... tagging people. Many of the dolly folks that I read have already been tagged, and we're already moving on past World Doll Day. So if you read this, and want to join in, please feel free to do so.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Back at Last: Angelina Ballerina Kitchen Sink and Stove, Plus Magnetic Room Backdrop

I can't believe it's been a month since I posted last! But between Mr. BTEG's gall bladder surgery, and a special human-size sewing project, I guess time went by faster than I thought. I'm so glad to be back to the world of doll blogging.

Way back in April of last year, I got a super deal on an eBay lot that included several pieces from the American Girl Angelina Ballerina line. For those of you who don't have girls who were/are the appropriate age, Angelina Ballerina is a small girl mouse in England who wants to grow up to become a ballerina. There were several books published about her adventures in her ballet classes, and with friends and family. Later a number of videos were created of her stories. I'm putting a link here to the other furniture pieces that I bought in that auction, and reviewed.

As of my latest posting about the set, I hadn't received the stove that was part of the auction, and so I wasn't enthused about taking pictures of the sink that I did get. At least a month after I received the first box, I got an email from the seller. Apparently her grandchildren had made off with the stove to play with it in the family room or something, and she had just found it! By the time I actually got the stove, I was on to posting about other things. However, I just recently bought the magnetic room set that was also part of Angelina Ballerina's line at AG, so here it all is.

Ann is ready to turn on the taps and do the washing up. (I picked up an English vibe during this.)

Posy brings her tea cup from the table for Ann to wash.
I forgot to take a picture of the two top doors open. Right side has shelves for cooking; left side shows a roaring fire.
The walls are magnetic, and there were over a dozen magnetic pieces with this set to decorate Angelina's house. I'll show a few.
I don't know why some of these pictures are crooked. I think I was trying to avoid glare here.
Ann stands at the window and looks out on the beautiful English countryside.
Here's a picture of Angelina and her parents celebrating the birth of her sister Polly.
As you may have noticed, there are two sides to the wall, with two different wallpapers. There are simple tabs in the floor that the walls go into, so it's easy to pull out the wall and change sides. The walls and the floor also fold up so they can take up less space put away. And lastly, there is a brick floor on the other side of the wooden floor. Once I took a picture of the kitchen with the brick, I thought it looked so much better.
Do you like using pre-made backdrops for dioramas, or do you like using your own? Do you even use dioramas?