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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A New Resident -- Who Is Not a Doll

Chris at My Barbie's Closet recently put up a post about losing a beloved dog to illness, and welcoming a new one into the family. At the very time I read the post, Mr. BTEG and the Dancer were on their way to pick up a new rabbit to add to our family, which I mentioned to Chris. She said that she wanted to see a picture of our bunnies, so here they are.

The bunny that has been with us since 2018 is named Kip. The Dancer has been thinking for a while that perhaps Kip should have another bunny to play and socialize with. We finally started seriously looking a couple of months ago, and a week ago, less a day, Mr. BTEG and the Dancer drove to a rescue a couple of hours away, and came home with Tallahassee (yes, her siblings were Little Rock and Wichita.)

Here is a so-so photo of Kip from 2018.
Here is a picture of Tallahassee. Hers is a much larger breed than Kip's. Pretty sure Kip is a Dutch rabbit, and Tallahassee is a brown/black Rex.

And a picture of Kip and Tallahassee investigating each other. Until they get their dominance issues sorted out and bond, their pen is split in half, and they get separate time to run around in the Dancer's bedroom.

Having a bigger bunny has been extra work for the Dancer. Talia (her nickname) drinks about twice as much, and pees twice as much, as Kip does. But it seems to be good for Kip to have a fellow rabbit resident, and of course Talia now has a good home. :)

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Discovering New Blogs

MonsterCrafts has been missing some of the now-defunct doll blogs that she liked to read, so she came up with a creative way to find new blogs, and to help everyone else find new ones too. She posted the URLs of some of her favorite blogs, and anyone else who wants to join in can do the same. That way, hopefully we can find new places to read and learn about dolls, and check out everyone else's collections!

Amanda: Miniature craft tutorials, doll reviews, doll living spaces, and lots of other doll adventures, often with the help (and snark) of Tinkerbell the fairy. In addition to Disney fairies, Frozen dolls and Marvel dolls and figures feature often on her blog. She also has a lot of links on how to improve your blog, and ideas to help represent yourself and your blog on Instagram. She's the only doll blogger I can think of at the moment who is currently on WordPress, so she may be interested in answering questions about it.

Chris: Mainly the latest clothes she has sewn for her 11 1/2" dolls, thus the name of her blog. She has also started a series of posts chronicling every doll in her collection, which, along with Rachael's posts, inspired me to do the same. Her dolls range from vintage Barbie, to 80s and 90s, to modern.

Coffee and Dolls: A Polish blogger who maintains two separate doll blogs written in English or Polish. I'm linking to the English version, but if you speak Polish, you can find the link to that one there. Both blogs cover the same dolls, mostly 80s era Barbies and Skippers. She's still active in adding those dolls to her collection. She also researches the differences between the same dolls who were produced in different countries, when she purchases a new one, which is not something you come across often.

Rachael: An Australian blogger whose varied collection includes Kish, Maru and Friends, Tonner Patience, Journey Girls, Shirley Temple, and many others. She likes to sew, and is interested in historical fashions, some of which she has planned to make for her dolls. She has already made several beautiful items of doll clothes, and has also created some paper dolls and outfits. We also get to see pics of her favorite distractions: the Giant Baby and Tiny, her children.

RagingMoon1987: Much of her collection is vintage, and includes baby dolls, soda-themed dolls, and Japanese, or Japanese-dressed dolls. Her American Girl dolls often get pretty new outfits, and we get to see some of her collection displayed at the library where she works. She does a lot of research for her posts, so you can definitely learn from them. A Missouri girl, she lives close to Tornado Alley in the US, and is interested in tornadoes and all sorts of weather phenomena.

Tam: A fellow Ohioan, who has a very extensive collection, and is knowledgeable about all kinds of dolls. Some years she will do a Doll-a-Day post, where all types of dolls are featured. This year, she's doing a Doll-Book-of-the-Month in between posts on dolls, play sets, and some photo shoots with her doll alter ego, a former Fern from Charlotte's Web doll that has been rechristened Tammy World. She also shares pics of her garden during the seasons.

I couldn't post all of the blogs that I enjoy reading, so I hope no one takes it personally if you don't see yours here. Also, MonsterCrafts listed several blogs that I already enjoy, so I didn't list those again. If you want to join in, I'm sure we'd love to know which doll blogs you enjoy visiting!

MonsterCrafts created an icon for your post on discovering new doll blogs. I couldn't get it to show up where I wanted it (new Blogspot software can apparently be a pain.) But here it is for you to grab if you decide to create your own post.

Sunday, May 10, 2020


Barbie up above is providing a good picture of how I felt yesterday. I didn't have any interest in doing things that I normally enjoy doing; I didn't really have interest in anything. But I got this image in my head, and I wanted to photograph it. I hope that it is a good expression of my inner self.

Here's wishing that everyone who celebrates Mother's Day today had a happy one. Mr. BTEG and I went to Youngstown to celebrate the day with his sisters, their spouses, and our niece. The Dancer has been staying with one of her aunts since Wednesday. Her aunt and uncle found out on Tuesday that his mother had passed away, so the Dancer and I drove down on Wednesday, and I came back home that night. The Dancer also got to spend some nice time with her cousin that way.