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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Rainy Day


This picture has been up on Instagram for a while, and I haven't taken any more photo challenge pictures since. I've been busy with all kinds of preparations for upcoming events, including making eight pumpkin pies, with fresh pumpkin. We've had snow since this picture was taken, but the weather has gone up to being a bit more comfortable. Happy Thanksgiving to my doll collector friends in the USA!

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Light It Up

Monday's photo challenge theme was Fairy Lights. I have a lot of mini light strings, so this was fun for me. I love how this photo turned out. I used the Night setting on my phone, which holds the lens open longer to let more light in, to make items taken in dark conditions more visible. I think I have a similar setting on my camera, too. You do need to use a stand when taking photos like this; any movement at all will blur the photo.

Friday, November 11, 2022



Another Instagram challenge photo. I'm not completely happy with it, but it's cute. It was a pain to tuck all those dolls under the blankets, and I'm also sorry that I didn't get a chance to put some items in the background.

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Coffee or Tea ?

I'm trying to take part in a November photo challenge on Instagram. November 2nd's prompt was Tea or Coffee? I don't like either, but I pictured one of my dolls drinking green tea, and another drinking coffee.

I also ended up hanging my doll-sized painting on the wall. I had said I had some other pictures I wanted to take with the blue wall, but without the painting. The best laid plans and all that, those pictures haven't happened yet. I've been distracted by other things, one of them being that my nephew is getting married today, an hour and a half away. I wanted to make a dress, and I was almost finished, but discovered a tear in the fabric that kept me from cutting out the last piece. Replacement fabric is on the way, but won't be here on time. Oh well, I'll still have a nice dress to wear all winter. I managed to find a dress from a store, that I liked, and also got some new shoes for the occasion. I haven't had to wear dressy shoes for years. I miss formal family occasions.

I'm motivated to participate more in this photo challenge, so hopefully I can get back into doll stuff tomorrow.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

New Artwork for the 1:6 Crowd

Wow, it has been a long time since I've posted. I just haven't had much interest in doll photography lately. I did put a lot of effort into cleaning up and organizing my doll crafting/photography area during August, so I was at least getting things done, although I've missed interacting with you all and getting stuff online.

Last weekend, Mr. BTEG and I went to an outdoor craft fair. One booth had a variety of poured acrylic paintings in various sizes, including tiny ones, just about the right size for Barbie artwork.

Cassie is enjoying a warm drink in the cooler fall weather, next to her lovely new painting. Canvases in this size are super cheap at the craft stores. I have some blank ones that I want to create something on; I just can't decide what would be "just right." Although now that I think about it, maybe a stylized pumpkin for the fall, and a pansy for another; pansies are my favorite flower. There were also mini easels being sold with the little paintings. I did buy one, but it's not the right proportions. I could probably make an easel, or just hang this on the wall. I didn't want to hang it this time, because I'm moving on to another photo shoot or two with this backdrop.

I may have to buy another ring light. I used my large "softbox" light for this shoot, and most of the photos turned out blurry, I think because of lighting issues.  I don't exactly like the composition of this, and some of the edges are blurry, but my goodness, I really wanted to get this shoot done. I also need to do some serious doll sewing. Cassie is wearing the only pair of long pants that I own for the Barbie group. 

Talking of cooler fall weather, as if right on cue, the temperature dropped about 30 degrees Fahrenheit on the first day of fall. Autumn is my favorite season, and it is rather glorious here right now. I hope that you all are doing well!

Monday, August 1, 2022

Dresses for Curvy Barbie

I've been chatting with MC about sewing for dolls over the last month or so. I sewed these two dresses for the Curvy Barbie body shape a very long time ago, but I decided that the dresses needed Velcro instead of snaps, and I kept putting off making that change. I finally forced myself to do it, and it did take me quite awhile to get all six of the snaps, over both dresses, off, but now the dresses can be worn and not stay on my "to-do" pile.

I'm sorry to say that I have forgotten where I bought the hook-and-loop closure that I used to close up the backs of these dresses. It is, however, very nicely suited for dolls. The hooks are not as large and grabby as on other kinds that I've used, and the attaching side is very soft, almost leathery in feel. As for size, the strips above were cut in half from a large roll that I have. This stuff goes through the sewing machine beautifully, and cuts easily.

The bodices of the dresses are fully lined, which I find the easiest way to finish a sleeveless dress, and the pattern was created by myself. Even though we're moving into what will probably be the hottest days of the summer here, I think I should start working on autumn clothes for dolls next. I'm trying out some new patterns, and September will be here soon!

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Happy Independence Day

I had this nice backyard picnic diorama set up, and then my ring light didn't work. After only one other use. So these pictures aren't great, but I put so much effort into this, and got help from Mr. BTEG, that I decided to pick the best of the group and put them up anyway.