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Monday, August 1, 2022

Dresses for Curvy Barbie

I've been chatting with MC about sewing for dolls over the last month or so. I sewed these two dresses for the Curvy Barbie body shape a very long time ago, but I decided that the dresses needed Velcro instead of snaps, and I kept putting off making that change. I finally forced myself to do it, and it did take me quite awhile to get all six of the snaps, over both dresses, off, but now the dresses can be worn and not stay on my "to-do" pile.

I'm sorry to say that I have forgotten where I bought the hook-and-loop closure that I used to close up the backs of these dresses. It is, however, very nicely suited for dolls. The hooks are not as large and grabby as on other kinds that I've used, and the attaching side is very soft, almost leathery in feel. As for size, the strips above were cut in half from a large roll that I have. This stuff goes through the sewing machine beautifully, and cuts easily.

The bodices of the dresses are fully lined, which I find the easiest way to finish a sleeveless dress, and the pattern was created by myself. Even though we're moving into what will probably be the hottest days of the summer here, I think I should start working on autumn clothes for dolls next. I'm trying out some new patterns, and September will be here soon!