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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

My dolls are comfortably settled in with snacks and beverages to wait for 2018. I hope all of you have a great new year, and that your dolly dreams come true! :)

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Gift

I hope you all had a very nice Christmas. My family and I did, a very quiet Christmas which suited us. We also celebrated Eldest Daughter's birthday on the 21st, which makes this time of year even busier!

I didn't get anything doll related this year, but I did get a very nice gift that will help me create doll things: a new sewing machine!
My previous sewing machine was about twenty years old, so this is a serious step up for me! Eldest Daughter got my old sewing machine as a birthday gift, as she wants to sew more things than the few hand-sewn items she's produced. She then got a bunch of spare needles, fabric scissors, pins, and even a couple of patterns as Christmas gifts.

My new machine sews several very fancy stitches, which will be nice for both human and doll sized garments. It's something to get used to, though, sewing the fancier stitches, if you're not used to it. The machine slides the fabric back and forth to make the stitches, which was a bit startling at first. I didn't quite understand what the machine was doing.
I've been very bad about blogging here, which will definitely change. I'm going to renew my New Year's resolution of making four posts a month, but I also have at least one thing I can put up here this month. I also want to get the next chapter of my story up as soon as possible. Here's to a merry and productive Christmas season!