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Monday, December 31, 2018

Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Seven: Barbie and Friends

"C'mon, Barbie, just take the picture!"
"You guys need to squeeze in a bit more!"
"Sardines have more room than we do!"
"I can't feel my leg!"
"Well, I want a picture of the six of us celebrating New Year's Eve!"
"So have somebody take it at the restaurant; let's go!"

Hope all of you have a safe and fun New Year's Eve. See you in 2019!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Four: Barbie

The Christmas holiday is a perfect time to catch up on craft projects!

Huge accolades to the Swedish knitter here who has put up over one thousand doll knitting projects for free.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Day Two Derailment

Sorry to fall off the wagon so early here, but in addition to everybody in the family having a good old-fashioned cold, Mr. BTEG had some other health issues crop up that have turned everything temporarily topsy-turvy here. We're all okay, but today did not go as I planned it!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Merry Christmas and Christmas Memories

Everybody seems to be putting up Christmas posts, and since I know a lot of you will soon be too busy to be looking at blogs until later next week, I want to wish all my readers Merry Christmas as well. I'm planning a 12 Days of Christmas series that will start on Christmas Day, as long as I get enough of a head start on photographing it. So for this post, I was inspired to post a Christmas past post of myself, since Tam has her own series going, although the pictures are currently from her friend's Christmases.

This is me on Christmas Day, 1972, at the age of four. In the photo, you can see my Dressy Bessy doll to my right, although she looks kind of funny, with her legs tucked underneath her. I also got the Fisher-Price garage, and the box to the left of Bessy contains what I believe was a scale. It had numbers of different weights, and you could balance the scale by putting, for example, 5 on one side, and 3 and 2 on the other.
I have a picture of Dressy Bessy on my Pinterest, from an eBay auction that must have ended ages ago. There were other styles of Bessy made over the years, but this one looks like the one that I had.
Here's a picture of my mom from the same day, holding my youngest sister on her lap, and holding my middle sister's Dapper Dan which she received that year, in front of my middle sister. 
Dressy Bessy and Dapper Dan were designed to help kids learn how to button a button, tie a bow, buckle a buckle, snap a snap, and use a zipper. They were made by Playskool, which made a lot of cool toys for younger kids back in the day. I think this was the same Christmas that we received a set of Playskool wooden blocks in different shapes and colors. I remember having hours of fun building things with those blocks.

The pictures are blurry, because I screen saved these from the Super 8 videos that my father took. There's quite a bit of video out there from when we were young, not so much from when we were older. And of course I, as the eldest child, got the lion's share of screen time. I did, after all, have two whole years to myself before my middle sister was born, and then there were another two before my youngest.

And about that afghan on the couch behind my mother, I also have a picture of a similar afghan on my Pinterest, with the caption "Almost everyone had an afghan like this." We certainly did, made by my mother herself.
Merry Christmas to all of you!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

LOL Surprise Dollhouse Update

I've pretty much completed the bed, and I've put up the kitchen wall, and edged the floor with Duck Tape.

Monday, December 10, 2018

LOL Doll Surprise House Project, and Two Knock-Off Dolls

I've never liked the LOL Surprise dolls very much, but two of the little girls in my life do. One is the daughter of my friend, who is four. I was trying to think of something unique, related to LOL Surprise, to give her for Christmas. I started thinking about furniture, because I don't know how many dolls this girl has, but from what I've heard, I'm pretty sure she has quite a number already and doesn't "need" more. However, since she's still only four, I was afraid anything I made that wasn't super sturdy, like wood and nails sturdy, would end up getting broken. Which was when I made the (possibly crazy) decision to make a little house. Part of what gave me that idea was some YouTube videos I've seen that show beds for dolls made out of foam core, and glued to a corner or wall of a room box. The house I've come up with for the four-year-old is basically a room box, but it's divided into two spaces, bedroom and eat-in kitchen. I'm taking pictures as I go along to record my work, so here's the first bits I've done.

Cutting out and gluing the foam core pieces together was nowhere near as easy as the YouTube videos show. Of course, Mr. BTEG only had a cheap glue gun, which I borrowed, so I'm not sure if that was part of the problem. I'm also not sure a high temperature or low temperature glue gun is the way to go when working with foam core. If anybody has any experience with this, let me know. I bought a high-temperature one, but then I found a dual-temperature one at another store, so now I'm torn. This box ended up mostly being held together with Contact paper, which was also used to cover the cut edges.
I attached two scrapbook pieces for the floor, wood for the bedroom, and tile for the kitchen. Then I taped on some scrapbook paper for the walls. Some of the paper that I bought is glittery, which I thought was a touch of which a little girl would approve. Of course, the paper sheds glitter everywhere.

The bare white wall on the right side is where a kitchen printout is going, when I get to the UPS store to get a color copy made. I found the printout online. The bunk-bed will be glued in the back left-hand corner. I'm thinking the kind of bed that has space for two on the bottom, with a bunk for one at the top.

Of course, it's easiest to make any kind of doll project when you have a doll to measure things against. However, I wasn't going to spend a huge amount of money on a doll, especially when ninety-nine percent of the LOL Surprise doll ball is stuff I didn't want in the least. So I picked up a couple of knock-offs from AliExpress, which finally arrived today.

I think I got knock-off Sugar, and Miss Baby. These dolls seem to have the LOL Surprise head, but the dresses and shoes are attached to their bodies, unlike the genuine article. I also got a pink bottle and pink seashell purse. Here's faux Sugar, minus her halo, which didn't come with her.
I had a... problem with faux Miss Baby. I realized quickly that her body was on backward! Or her head, whichever way you want to look at it. :) In any case, her toes and her face were pointing in opposite directions. Almost automatically, I twisted her body around so that the toes and face were both on the same side, but Miss Baby didn't have a head mounted on a neck knob, so I ended up with this.
I guess now you could call her Miss Baby Meets the Queen of Hearts. I'm going to glue her head back on, and hopefully it will stay.

The decapitation issue, not surprisingly, was not the only thing off about my two dolls. Their upper arms look strange in color related to the rest of their bodies, although I think Miss Baby is supposed to be wearing white gloves? In any case, the bottom of both dolls hands aren't painted at all.
Also, both dolls have chips off of their hair paint.
Think these dolls will ever become collectible, like clone Barbies and other clone fashion dolls are today?

So, work goes on with the house. I'm going to make the bed, with bedding, and a kitchen bench and table, and of course the kitchen printout needs to go up. I'm also going to put a piece of foam core up on the "roof," not as long as the house, but something the dolls can use as a "balcony." I got that idea after seeing that the official LOL Surprise doll house has one. By the way, the price for the official house is *insane.* You can get it for the low, low price of only $190.00 at Walmart!!! I wonder how many little girls will be disappointed this year that won't be getting the house. Some years, $190 could be as much as we spent on both of our daughters combined, or even less. I've discussed with Raging Moon how production quality issues could affect sales of these dolls, but being what I consider overpriced won't help either. As a matter of fact, that just makes quality issues like missing parts even more unacceptable.

Does anyone have any plans to gift a doll or accessory to a little girl in her life?

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

The family is all set for Thanksgiving! Mollie tells her daughter Gwen how proud she is for doing such a good job helping Mom make dinner.

The mixer is currently available at World Market/Cost Plus. I'm afraid it may be a bit too big.

ETA:  I went to Target yesterday (don't worry, it was well after all the frenzied Black Friday shopping.) And what did I happen to see, but this:
It's even the same color! As Rachael said, that color is very fashionable right now. This was the biggest version. As you can see, there was a smaller version next to it, and then there was a still smaller version past that. I also took a picture with my hand in it, to get an idea of scale. Since I'm so short, and that shelf was high, this was the closest I could get to the mixer. :)
So I guess my mixer really isn't too large after all! Thanks to all of you who gave me encouragement about it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Made to Move Curvy Barbie

In my previous post, I wrote that I had finally managed to grab one of these dolls at retail. When I first looked at her on Amazon several months ago, she was priced at about $45 by scalpers. About a month ago she went down to about $33. Last week I decided to glance at her listing again, and she was finally back at her original retail price! I had to wait for the doll to physically come back into stock so that she could be shipped. Amazon's last quote to me was the 14th to ship, but much to my surprise, I got a notice on the 9th that she had been sent out, and I got her on the 11th. Amazon seems to have been the only place to buy this doll, which I imagine is partially why the scalpers were trying to make a killing with her.

I bought one of the original Curvy dolls in February 2016 (wow, that's longer ago than I thought!) I've been waiting ever since then for a light skinned Made to Move Curvy body to be produced. I do have the the Made to Move Dancer Curvy doll, although purchased pretty late in the game, when I found her at Walmart around late August on clearance. But that first Curvy doll I bought has been waiting for a body since early 2016. Fortunately, I'm not particularly fond of the face that the Basic Made to Move Curvy Barbie comes with, so I only had to buy one. Here are the the two curvy girls standing side by side. More pictures below the fold.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


I finally found Curvy MtM Barbie on Amazon for her recommended retail price! As you can see, I'm going to have to wait for her to be shipped, but it's worth it. I have a Curvy Barbie here who has been wanting articulation for a long time; a little longer won't matter.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Petite Barbie Head on AliExpress Body

You've already seen my Princess of Japan, Hoshiko, using the new AliExpress body I bought for her. Today we're going to look at Eveleen, or Evie, who was originally on a Petite body.

Sunday, October 14, 2018


Finally, the weather is cool enough, and the humidity low enough, that outdoor spray painting can happen.

Mr. BTEG put a final clear coat on his owlbear figures.
I've started painting some plastic doll furniture.

Here is the bottom part of the bathroom sink set. You can see the top just above.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Jointed Doll Body From AliExpress

Ms. Leo bought the same doll body that I have, and has already reviewed it. She used hers for the Asian Babysitting Skipper. I used the new body for my 2003 Barbie Princess of Japan doll. I also bought another, that I think is the same body, later. I paid $6.74 for one, and $3.58 for the other. You'll see how I rebodied the second one later on. Both bodies have extremely pale skin. Fortunately, the skin color suited Princess of Japan, as the legs of her original body were extremely discolored. Hoshiko, as I'm going to call her, was the first Barbie Dolls of the World Princess doll to use the Teen Skipper body. But if I wanted to dress her in anything but the kimono that she came in, that body really had to go.
Hoshiko's new body is also smaller than the standard Barbie body, which I think works out well. I currently have Hoshiko in an outfit that Fashion Fever Teresa originally wore. I think the colors work with her face paint, even if the dress is a little large in the bust for her. The sweater helps cover that. Her feet are a little smaller than the standard Barbie feet, but she is wearing shoes from a Fashion Fever outfit pack that work for her, and the dress.
The head really is a pretty good match with the body. And if she can't touch her face, well, it's better than the straight-armed, three-click knee body with the discolored legs that she was previously on.
As you can see in the picture above, her hands do have fairly visible seams. She also has a few issues on her lower legs. I'm wondering if I could use sandpaper very lightly to sand some of the problems out.
For $6.74, or for whatever around that amount you find these bodies on AliExpress, they're definitely worth it. While this body is not as articulated as the MtM dolls, it's far better than the old school Barbie body, at a lower price than buying a MtM for a rebody. The only issue here, outside of lower quality, is that these bodies usually only come in super pale colors, because they're made for Asian standards. A quick look over at AliExpress did find a couple of sellers who had doll bodies similar to Hoshiko's, with fairly dark skin. The only thing those dolls didn't have was a waist joint, or an under-the-bust joint. Hoshiko has a waist joint. Yes, you'll get to see what Hoshiko's body looks like without clothes, in my next review. I put the other body with the red-headed Petite Barbie, who will definitely have a name by the time I do that review! I'm not so sure how I feel about Petite Barbie with her new body, but since I have her on that body for the moment, I wanted to show you in case you want to do a switch yourself. I also should see how Hoshiko fits in her original kimono and geta. So stick around!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Chapter Seven: Tea and Talk

Chenonceaux was not a very large village. For Marchen, the important feature of the area was the Chateau Chenonceau, where Cinderella had gone to her ball. Although Addi grumbled about feeling like a tourist, Sig insisted that they see the chateau before arriving for their meeting with Philippe-Emmanuel at the cafe.

"We should see such an important site in Marchen lore," Sig argued. "Humor me."
Addi knew that, underneath her protests, Sig understood that she really did want to see the castle as they passed near. She'd sometimes been embarrassed about her keen interest in the greater Marchen world. Most of her clan never worried much about fairy stories outside of keeping their own internal secrets safe, though children of her people were told of the fairy stores that had happened in their own deep woods. Strictly speaking, Addi didn't know if any member of her home village had actively been involved in of the recorded stories. Humans who had the ability, or misfortune, to become wolves, generally did not talk about what they did when in lupine form. Addi was never entirely sure if she was relieved or disappointed that only males of her kind could take on wolf shape.

Sig and Addi had no problem finding their meeting destination. Philippe-Emmanuel was seated at a table in the quietest corner of the cafe patio, with a slender girl.

"She looks so much like you," Sig murmured as they approached.

"Our clans are all pretty intermingled," said Addi. She smiled a toothy smile at Sig. "And we all have some lupine features."

Philippe-Emmanuel rose with his usual courtesy as they approached. "May I present Mademoiselle Mathilde Louv? Monsieur and Mademoiselle Sigismund and Adolfina Jaeger." He glanced down at Mathilde, then added, "I need to speak to the owner of the cafe, if you will excuse me."
Sig was glad that he understood the Ulfer language that the two girls proceeded to use. He wasn't going to miss a word of this conversation. He squeezed Addi's hand under the table to remind her to stay composed.

"Philippe-Emmanuel told us that you have been working in with a group called the League of the Fey," Addi said slowly to Mathilde.
"I have, unofficially," Mathilde replied defensively. She glanced toward the cafe door before turning back and continuing, her voice lowered. "You have to understand, the fairy who lives in this village is probably the most powerful fairy in Gaul. She is the head of this group of fairies, creatures with innate powers, and the League as a whole answers to no one in greater Marchen society."

"And is this powerful League antagonistic toward Marchenkind?" asked Sig.
Mathilde shrugged. "As far as I can sense, no. Obviously, I wouldn't be told directly if they had ill intentions towards the greater Marchen world. Even so, the fairy who makes her home here, Isabelle Follet, seems to me only to be interested in maintaining order and accountability among the fairy folk. She's the descendant, of course, of one of the most famous fairies in Marchen lore, Cinderella's Fairy Godmother." She glanced toward the cafe again before continuing, "She, Isabelle, does things that I think are unethical... but I won't discuss any of that out in the open."

"What about Philippe-Emmanuel, then? How does he fit into all this?" asked Addi.

"I'm not entirely sure," said Mathilde, frowning. "He says he's a Marchen, has Marchen knowledge, and is very good friends with Isabelle. I'm not quite sure what story he fits into, if he fits into any story. Of course, people like us," gesturing to Addi, "and hunters like you, Sig, belong in the Marchen world because our ancestors belonged in the Marchen world. It's all in the family, so to speak. Philippe-Emmanuel? His parents are dead, but he was brought up well, and has a small estate to manage. He doesn't seem to have any fairy in his ancestry, but somehow got to know Isabelle, and helps her with Fey business."

"Who is the guardian of Cinderella's story?" Addi asked.
"She's a direct descendant of Cinderella. Her father is the King of Orleans, this region. The chateau here is a summer home."

Addi saw Philippe-Emmanuel returning to their table before she could ask any more questions. She turned to him instead. "What is our next step? We would like to meet Isabelle, of course."

"I'm glad to hear you say that. Isabelle has confided in me her own suspicions about the strange circumstances recently, and since the two of you are in deep enough from your own explorations, it would be beneficial to all of us to compare notes about what you know."

Sig asked ingenuously, "And are you the keeper of the story of Cinderella?"

Philippe-Emmanuel started slightly. "What? Oh, no. I believe my family is like all of yours, steeped in Marchen traditions. There were farmers in the stories, as well as hunters and..." he paused and cleared his throat. "Isabelle told me she would like to meet tomorrow morning, when you feel refreshed. So perhaps we should discuss where you two should stay tonight."
"Of course Addi and Sig must stay with my people tonight," Mathilde said firmly. "Ulfer law demands that we must always offer hospitality to other Ulfer, and to their friends and companions."

Addi thought that Philippe-Emmanuel did not look happy about the other three being able to have their own conversation for the entire evening, but people who knew Ulfer knew better than to argue about their ways. And Mathilde's dictate was actually completely true. Perhaps, thought Addi, she was making too much of his possible concern. She herself didn't trust Philippe-Emmanuel yet, nor did she trust Mathilde completely. Ulfer were generally fiercely loyal to their own above all, but Addi was not naive enough to think that any one of her kind was completely beyond treachery or deceit. She knew Sig was smart enough to be aware of that too.

"Thank you for a lovely tea, Monsieur," Addi smiled. "When and where do we meet tomorrow?"
Philippe-Emmanuel hesitated. "We wanted more privacy, so we could talk openly... but Isabelle was not sure you would feel safe meeting at her home. She thought perhaps a hike and a picnic lunch. At the top of that hill." He pointed at the hill rising just beyond the town.

Addi and Sig glanced at each other. It was basic fairy lore that fairies generally favored gathering at the top of hills, and sometimes even made fortresses for themselves there. On the other hand, fairies also had power near rivers, and this town sat neatly beside one. She and Sig would object to meeting at her home, and at least on the hilltop, they would be able to observe if anyone was nearby to overhear. Addi closed and opened her eyelids, letting Sig know she accepted this plan, and Sig announced their agreement to the other two.

"Until tomorrow, then," said Mathilde briskly, rising from the table. "I've arranged for one of my uncles to give us a ride to our little settlement. It's not very far away from the town, here."

Sig and Addi gathered their belongings, as Philippe-Emmanuel wished them a pleasant evening. Addi was already looking forward to what she wanted to learn from Mathilde.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Ginny Weasley by Mattel, the Mysterious Case of the Odd Body

I've been looking forward to the new Harry Potter line of Mattel dolls, although only for doll rebodying, as the dolls looked well articulated. I honestly couldn't care less about the Harry Potter story itself. What I was hoping for was an articulated body that was similar to the modern day Stacie or even Skipper body. I have no idea why or how Mattel ended up with the body design they did for Ginny. Let's look at it, under the fold

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Reporting In

A short while ago, I realized that while I was busy with a lot of doll related activities, I wasn't creating anything to actually post. For example, I've been busy writing the next chapter of my story, and gathering items for it, but it's still going to take at least a few days before I can actually present it. I have a couple of new dolls that I want to share, but I need to take all the photos. It doesn't help that my camera got taken to use at my surprise 50th birthday party back in the middle of the month, unfortunately without Mr. BTEG realizing the battery was dead. I kept remembering to dig the battery out of one of the bags that went to the party, when I was upstairs, and the bag was downstairs. Now I have a recharged battery, so maybe I can get some pictures done tomorrow.

I also scared myself when I realized that not only do I have dolls that still need to be unboxed, which never used to be a problem for me, but I also have some dolls that I bought out of box, that I put aside to be washed and forgot about! :O I've got a lot of work to do! In the meantime, I guess I'll give you a picture of myself, Mr. BTEG, my daughters and my son-in-law at my party.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Ever After High Signature Meeshell Mermaid Holiday Giveaway!

I've had a couple of successful trips to Tuesday Morning recently, including grabbing two EAH Signature Meeshell Mermaid dolls. So I've decided to share my recent good fortune by giving away one of the Meeshell Mermaids! I would love to be able to offer this to a reader anywhere in the world (or just about. I haven't looked into prices everywhere. If you want the doll and live outside the US, leave a note in the comments and I can look into shipping costs.) Depending on where you live, and postage, I might check out what it would cost if I deboxed the doll before shipping, so keep that in mind. I'm posting a couple of pictures of the doll I'm giving away, so you know what you would be getting. Also, this is one of the newer EAH dolls, so there is no stand, and only a story card.

To win this doll, please follow my blog (if you're not already), and leave a comment below. I will be accepting comments until midnight United States Eastern Standard Time, Friday, July 6th.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Twenty-Five Years Ago Today (Not Doll-Related)

(Although Mr. BTEG did give me the doll that was to start my Barbie collection a short while later.)