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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cinderella Dreams Come True by Tonner

I mentioned a while back that I admire the Cinderella sculpt by Robert Tonner for his 16" dolls. A month or so ago, I found one nude on ebay for a price I could afford at the time, so home she came.

She's wearing a white bodysuit that came on a Tonner Basic Daphne doll. Originally, this doll represented Cinderella at the ball, in a blue sparkly and beaded dress, wearing a rhinestone tiara and simple necklace that was a row of rhinestones. However, nude dolls are way less expensive, so unless I'm in totally in love with an outfit, I buy the doll nude where I can. I do have to get cracking on sewing them things, but that's a whole different topic. Her body is the most recent incarnation of Tonner's Tyler Wentworth body. There have been many dolls produced with that body. My Vintage Basic Daphne is similar, except for the changeable feet.

Her finger and toenails are painted the same color, which matches her lips.
Her hairdo is quite elaborate, appropriate for a ball.
A side view
After wanting a Cinderella for so long, I was taken aback to not be totally in love with her face. The best I can describe it is that her lips seem a little... pursed.

Looking at the pictures I took from further away, though, she looks just like the Cinderella that I fell in love with online. I'm hoping she'll grow on me, and if not, I can always resell her. She's definitely staying around for a while, though. She might look different dressed, too.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Teen Trends Gabby

With encouragement from blog commenters, I decided to add another Teen Trends doll to the group. I was thinking it would be nice to add Kianna, but I found a Gabby NRFB and two NRFP outfits for sale, cheaper than the asking price for the only NRFB Kianna on ebay, so Gabby and the clothes came home instead. I'd still like to get Kianna, NRFB partially because of the low hair quality, partially to get her outfit complete, and partially because I have an OCD cleanliness thing.

Gabby comes tied down with coated wires and the little plastic tags. Her jacket, her necklace and her purse were also all attached to her shirt and pants with tiny little plastic tags. Annoying! There is a cover of plastic and cardboard that gets removed from her box, and then there are cardboard inserts that Gabby, her stand, and her accessories come attached to. Those get lifted out, and you end up with a cardboard wardrobe that holds the doll and her accessories, and has a place to hang her clothes. Extra outfits come with a hanger.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

J-Doll Aiguo East Road

Mr. BTEG likes to get me dolls as presents for Christmas and my birthday, as he knows how much I enjoy them. For Christmas 2014, I received another J-Doll, Aiguo East Road. Aiguo East Road is located in Taipei, Taiwan, and is home to many wedding boutiques. I love this doll; I think she's become my favorite of all my J-Dolls. This post is going to be very picture-heavy, so I'll put it below a fold.