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Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day

From C.A. Cupid

And Lizzie Hearts

And the Valentine's Day cards that I made for my daughters this year with the Cricut. My eldest loves Winnie the Pooh. I found a cute pattern that I think was supposed to be a cut-out, but I didn't want to deal with all of those little tiny pieces of paper. I discovered that you can tell your Cricut to use an ink pen to draw a pattern, instead of cutting the pieces out.

My youngest daughter is into cooking Asian food. She and Mr. BTEG buy pho by the large box from Costco. This pattern did have little pieces, but not as bad as Winnie. This turned out a little odd looking, partially because of my spacing issues and difficult gluing little tiny pieces, partially because the pieces didn't match up as well as they looked in the pattern (which was digital and didn't show an actual paper version.) 


I bought the Pooh pattern for $1.99, but I can now reuse it whenever I want. The pho pattern is subscription based, but I think since it's in my saved folders I can reuse it?? And my daughter will say it's pronounced "fu" and not "fo." And I will say, be grateful "fo" your Valentine's Day card. Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Friday, February 4, 2022

New Clothes

Okay, I've had these clothes for a while, but this is the first time sharing them online. The first is an outfit by Mattel that I saw in a store and liked enough to buy. It came with everything that you'll see on the doll except for her hoop earrings. I tried to do a jaunty fashion pose, and it bombed, but here you are. I also posed Dani taking a bow for her virtuoso violin performance. :)

I'm not sure why the outfit came with two copies of Amazing Grace. Of course, I do have another Barbie violin, so I could set up a violin duet.

The second clothing item is a beautifully knit sweater (jumper) by DollClothesbyOksana on Etsy. She also sells 1/6th scale knitting patterns.

The sweater is gorgeous, but fairly tight to get on. The item description said that it was for a curvy Barbie, but I might put this sweater on other Barbie bodies from now on. Either that, or keep this sweater on this Barbie forever. Although she'll get mad at me in the summer.

In the process of fitting Barbie into this sweater, I learned that Curvy hands aren't meant to come off. Admittedly, I was prepared that they might not be able to be removed, but I didn't mean to tear the joint.


Fortunately, I managed to fit the hand back on to Barbie's wrist. Trying to fit those sleeves over Barbie's hands without snagging the sweater was difficult, though.

I have been playing around more with my Cricut. I managed to successfully cut out all the pattern pieces on this PDF, which I turned into a .png, which can be uploaded into the Cricut Design Space. The pieces cut out nicely, even the little arrows at the top. However, I haven't managed to replicate this with just a few pattern pieces clipped from the entire PDF. I need to play around more, but I'm pleased that cutting out pattern pieces that I upload, using the Cricut, looks like a real possibility.

I also discovered that Inkscape and Cricut both use SVG files, or Scalable Vector Graphics. I am going to have to edit my previous post, because it looks like Inkscape may be usable with the Cricut. I just have to study how.

I also have to make more room in my craft/photography area, in order to be able to take better pictures. I definitely have lots to keep my busy, but that should include posting, too!