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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Rainbow High Emi Vanda

This doll was my Mother's Day gift from the Dancer. I don't have many pictures of her. The lighting was weird, and honestly I'm not quite feeling this doll. She needs a lip repaint (I hate lips lined in a different color from the lip color.) She also has some body stains from her black top, and a pink stain on her leg, which is a little more of a mystery. I like her eyes, and I like her hair, so maybe with new lips and re-dressed, she will really grow on me.

She stands quite well in those boots on a regular surface. On the cardboard this room box is made out of, it was a bit more of a chore. There are still some of those little stupid plastic ties on her top, but I didn't bother to cut them off, since I took this top off of her immediately after the pictures.

And her skirt hangs kind of funny because... there's a mistake where the yoke is stitched to the pleated skirt. In this picture, she's wearing a crop top that came with her second outfit.

Here she is wearing the crop top and skirt of her second outfit. She's barefoot, because her second pair of shoes is awkward to put on, so I just skipped it. The shoes came with socks, which is just weird, but there are several cases in Rainbow High dolls where high heels come with socks. Maybe it's the latest style for teens? I also notice many of the RH jackets have a slit or cut out area on the arms. I really like her second skirt. Maybe because it has a sort of 80s vibe?

Her other shoe has an R as the heel, of course.

She came with a short sleeved hoodie to wear over the crop top, and two hangers, which was a feature with newer dolls. I tried to put the hoodie on over her top, but, remember when you were a little girl and your mom was putting your coat on over a long sleeved top, and you held your sleeves down with your fingers so the sleeves didn't ride up? Yeah, only Emi can't hold her sleeves for me. And I knew she wasn't going to wear the outfit for long, since she needs to have her stains treated. I also have a poor Kurhn head on a Liv body that needs to have her time on this blog, who still has a stain that needs more treatment. Time to get out the Clearasil and get serious.


Total dolls: 86

I should add that Emi was one of the dolls on my wish list, so I did want her. I still like her; she just needs a little more work than the other Rainbow High dolls I have.