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Monday, September 4, 2023


Today in the United States, it's the Labor Day holiday, and Mr. BTEG and the Dancer are doing some serious laboring today. As I write this, most of the Dancer's furniture is being unloaded at her new apartment! Pretty soon, Mr. BTEG and I will have a truly empty nest, which means we're going to be doing a lot of re-arranging and moving things around. In the meantime, posting might be a little light (not that it hasn't been for a while anyway.) Things have been pretty crowded and stressful here, but it's going to be great to spread out and have space to do things that I have wanted to for a long time.

To that end, Mr. BTEG and I took the two hour and fourteen minute drive to our nearest IKEA, to pick up some furniture for the new work spaces we're planning on. When we arrived, the power was out, and only backup generators were in use. The lights were on, the cash registers worked, but there was no air conditioning, and not only was the restaurant closed, but all the freezer sections too. So we wandered for almost three hours through a warm building, with only a lukewarm soda to sustain me. I'm excited about the new tables and storage that I bought, but I also picked up the IKEA Huset.

I bought the bedroom set several years back, but I never owned this iconic set until now. It's going to stay packed until we get my doll area in its final set-up.

This Saturday, I went to a few garage sales and an estate sale. At the estate sale, I found several American Girl sets, including Samantha Parkington's nightstand.

Long time readers may remember that I already owned the nightstand, but the drawer knobs weren't complete, and the towel rack was missing. This time, all the parts were there, and it came in its original box, too. For $15, it was a fantastic find. I also picked up a few other AG sets, which I'll share with you soon. Some of it I am keeping, and some of it I will try to sell. I will also sell the old nightstand that I own.

I hope my Northern Hemisphere readers are enjoying the weather as we move into autumn. To be honest, it's been quite hot here the past couple of days, but that will change soon enough. And to you guys down under, spring is coming!