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Friday, July 31, 2020

My Collection Part Three: J-Dolls

Well, here we are again, finally! J-Dolls are discontinued now, but they were made by the same company that makes Pullip dolls. They have the same bodies as the Pullip #3 and #4 types. J-Dolls are 27cm tall, and I find them to resemble Momoko dolls the most in the doll world. These are only four out of my collection; the rest will get photographed at a later date. They're all wearing their original dresses, except for Lindsay, who I bought nude. Lindsay also has a new wig, because hers was pretty dry. Lindsay and Anni's shoes are both from Momoko's line.




I printed out the new walls and floor with the new color printer that Mr. BTEG bought me as a birthday present. Do your loved ones find you hard to buy gifts for? Mr. BTEG and my daughters feel that way about me.

Total dolls: 15