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Friday, August 21, 2020

My Collection Part Five: Tyler Wentworth by Tonner

Since I have many 16" Tonner dolls, with several different face sculpts, I'm going to only share my Tyler Wentworth dolls in this post.

I've never given any of my Tonner dolls names beyond what they'd been given. I enjoy looking at them, and dressing them, but they're not "alive" for me in the way that my Barbies are. They don't seem to have personalities to me. Therefore, I'm calling these Blond, Brunette, Redhead, and Vintage.

Blond was the Tyler sculpt in a wave of four Basic dolls. She's wearing the swimsuit and headband that she came in. That series included interchangeable feet, either flat or high heel. The feet are on pegs that pop in and out of the doll's leg. The flat foot also has some slight bending movement at the ankle.

Brunette was a special Signature Tyler, which I bought nude. Tyler Wentworth was a fashion designer, and her signature office look was a white button down shirt, a black skirt, black nylons, and black pumps. Brunette's signature look was glammed up; the shirt was satin with buttons looking like diamonds, the black skirt was covered with sequins and had a belt with a square buckle with clear stones, and the black heels were T-straps. The doll also came with "diamond" earrings. I presume the earrings came loose in a bag with Brunette, and the seller kept them with the outfit. I vaguely remember having to pierce a doll's ears to put earrings in, although dolls meant to have them used to have a faint hole in the earlobe already started.


Brunette is wearing an outfit which came as separates, although maybe the shoes and purse were a set? I took pictures of Brunette without the scarf, and of the shoes and clutch.

I think Redhead was in a wave of different sculpts, all in striped swimsuits, called Superstripes. I sold off the swimsuit, as I didn't care for it. Superstripes is wearing a green teddy from another Tonner doll, which was an exclusive to a specific doll store. The lace on the sides of the teddy is showing its age, and the straps never would stay up nicely on a doll's shoulders.

Vintage was a doll named Hope (the production's name,) who was an edition of 500 sold exclusively at an event at the Rosalie Whyel Museum of Dolls, to benefit a cause called Teen Hope. She came in a 1910s style dress, and she did having earrings in. Again, I bought her nude, and the seller must have kept the earrings. It doesn't bother me, as earrings for dolls this size are easy to buy or make. She's wearing an outfit that I drafted and sewed myself, although it was for a Gene doll.

To coordinate with her original outfit, Vintage has her hair in an up-do. There are several loose hairs; I think trimming them off would be the best way to deal with them.

Total dolls: 24

Xanadu has asked me some questions about the Tonner 16" line of Tyler and assorted, so there is more information below the fold.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

My Collection Part Four: J-Dolls, Part Two

Here are the other half of the J-Dolls in my collection. From left to right, we have Mari, Melanie, Adelheid, Steffi and Holly.

None of these dolls are in their original clothes. Mari wears an outfit I bought from Etsy. Melanie wears a Mattel top and shorts. Adelheid wears an Only Hearts Club top, and a Shibajuku Girls skirt. Steffi's clothes are all Shibajuku Girls. And Holly wears a Barbie dress. And the shoes are, from left to right, Mattel High School Musical, Re-Ment, Momoko, and the last two are both Mattel High School Musical.



Total dolls: 20

Holly's face seems to resemble some Korean models that I have seen online.