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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Coffee or Tea ?

I'm trying to take part in a November photo challenge on Instagram. November 2nd's prompt was Tea or Coffee? I don't like either, but I pictured one of my dolls drinking green tea, and another drinking coffee.

I also ended up hanging my doll-sized painting on the wall. I had said I had some other pictures I wanted to take with the blue wall, but without the painting. The best laid plans and all that, those pictures haven't happened yet. I've been distracted by other things, one of them being that my nephew is getting married today, an hour and a half away. I wanted to make a dress, and I was almost finished, but discovered a tear in the fabric that kept me from cutting out the last piece. Replacement fabric is on the way, but won't be here on time. Oh well, I'll still have a nice dress to wear all winter. I managed to find a dress from a store, that I liked, and also got some new shoes for the occasion. I haven't had to wear dressy shoes for years. I miss formal family occasions.

I'm motivated to participate more in this photo challenge, so hopefully I can get back into doll stuff tomorrow.


  1. Your photo looks lovely, I like the poses. The outfit the brunette doll is wearing looks really nice, much nicer than most of what Mattel puts out nowadays.
    That's unfortunate about the fabric, but luckily you found an alternative that you liked. Have fun at the wedding!

    1. Yep, the older clothes that I own get used just as much if not more than the newer stuff. Maybe someday we will get these kinds of clothes, but until then I guess I'll sew more.
      Thank you; the wedding was fun. I got so many compliments on my dress, so I guess that things worked out well.

  2. Very nice pictures 🙂 (Shasarignis)

  3. Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by and telling me about your new blog. The painting is something I happened to find at a craft show. The artists had several mini paintings, in addition to more human-sized works. I think the paintings were for regular human display, but they're great for our minis as well. The wedding was nice, and the weather unseasonable warm, which was good.