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Monday, August 16, 2021

Doll Show - Strongsville, Ohio - August 15th 2021

I've once again gone through one of those phases where I'm either too busy or don't have the energy to create a new post. However, yesterday I finally got to attend a real, live, in-person doll show after a very long dry spell! I took all of you with me too, at least in spirit. I found reminders of many doll bloggers yesterday; I'll be sharing them with the pictures. Pictures will be in order by time taken. I was attracted to this Snow White doll, and the Lenci doll reminded me of Tam.
So did this Lenci. I think the doll in the blue dress behind her is darling, but my budget did not run to antique dolls that day.

I've seen this Kestner Gibson Girl doll before, but I don't think I've ever seen one in person. She's in a book I have about sewing Victorian doll clothes, which I am proud to own. 


I thought of Linda and Serenata when I saw this Sasha doll. There ended up being a lot more Sashas that I didn't get a photo of, as well as some Gregors. The Nancy Ann doll made me think of Tam. A lot of dolls made me think of her, perhaps because she has such a broad collection and doll interests. The little Betsy McCall is also cute.
I needn't have worried about getting that Nancy Ann doll into the picture. There were lots of them as I went on.
I took this picture because I liked the outfits that the two little dolls were wearing, but the Madame Alexander doll in a case is nice also. Madame Alexander dolls will now always bring to mind Dorothy in PA.
Many doll bloggers I know are into the vintage Barbies. You can see some Tammy dolls too. I thought of Teresa because of the many vintage Barbie clothes she has. There was quite an assortment of vintage Barbie, friends and family clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories at the show. I bought one vintage piece, but that won't get shown until a later post.

While we're on the subject of Barbie dolls, there were some more modern Barbies, but nothing that thrilled me. I saw an unboxed Swan Queen doll that made me think of coffeeanddollspl

I have no interest in owning one, but I find the vintage Buffy and Mrs. Beasley doll set cute. I remember one of my sisters or I owned a cloth Mrs. Beasley doll. You can see some loose Mrs. Beasley dolls in the vintage Barbies picture, but here is one in box. I vaguely remember watching the show that this doll was based on.

This Shirley Temple doll complete with pin reminded me of Rachael's collection. There were many Shirley Temple dolls in different sizes and outfits.
I wonder if this little Japanese doll would have gone home with RagingMoon1987 if she had been there with me. The doll would surely receive lots of love from her!
Here's another Shirley Temple with clothes and a case.


Here's yet another Shirley Temple, a dark-skinned Patsy that brought to mind Dorothy in PA yet again, and an All-American version of the Schoenhut doll like Serenata's world-famous Peggy Sue (and friends.)

And last but not least, this Cissy bride who stood regally near the front entrance, welcoming us to this dolly wonderland. There were a few modern Cissy dolls too, but the vintage ones have their own quiet majesty. I'm sure Sandi would agree.

Although there weren't a lot of modern dolls, don't worry, MC, you are not being left out. I bought a stack of doll magazines and in one there was an article on Spanish cloth dolls produced in the 1920s-1930s, bringing Spain doll companies into competition with other European countries at the time. 

I think next time will be a review of my doll show haul, because boy, did I bring home a haul. Having all those dolls right in front of me and just being able to pick one up and hand over cash to make it your own was absolutely intoxicating. Well, my purchases were mostly clothes and accessories, because there were lots of those too. I hope you got some enjoyment out of virtually attending a doll show with me.


  1. This is beautiful, it's easy to imagine how wonderful it was attending this show! Thanks for letting us coming along virtually. :) So many dolls are lovely, I would have had a very hard time resisting them! Cissy in her bridal dress is breathtaking, what a doll!! I look forward to finding out what you bought there!

    1. It was a good thing I had a budget, Linda, because there were several dolls that I would have liked to buy. I'll just have to save up! I'm glad that you like the Cissy bride as much as I do. :)

  2. This is great
    I really like the Madame Alexander (what you can see of it) in the eighth picture. And the one with the blue sash in the last picture is going to haunt me.
    The show the Mrs Beasley doll is from is on Amazon Prime here. I watch it occasionally to check out the clothes. And to steal Buffy’s hairstyle for little girl lol.
    Is this where your Jane came from?

    1. That Madame Alexander did look very nice, way out of my price range. Sorry about the doll in the blue sash! I can see why you would like her.

      Tiny's hair really is rather similar to Buffy's, and Tiny looks pretty darn cute with her hairstyles.

      Yep, I got Jane there.

  3. What fun it must have been to attend this doll show! So many wondering dolls. What lovely little Nancy Anns. I have quite a few of them, but haven't bought any for a number of years now. Lovely to see the Sasha doll too. I see there was a Schoenhut as well (second to last photo) There would have been a lot of temptation there for me to try and resist! ha ha

    1. It really was fantastic to be around so many dolls again. I saw many Nancy Ann dolls that day, and the Sasha and Gregor dolls that I saw made me think of you. Thanks to you, I am thinking about saving up for a Schoenhut doll. :)

    2. Ha ha, glad to be an enabler! I don't know if you use FB but I run a lovely Schoenhut group on there called 'Schoenhut Cafe'. Good luck with the hunt :)

  4. How funny! We photographed some of the same dolls, and in one case, I totally ignored something you featured and instead featured something right in front of your favourite. It's funny how different people see things differently. I also loved that doll in your third picture. She was one thing I did photograph. She was so striking. Too bad I didn't know you were there, I would have said hello.

    1. Yes, it's too bad we didn't know we were each going to be there! I spent the entire day in the area, since Mr. BTEG and the Dancer are buddies with someone who lives just on the other side of the freeway from the hotel where the doll show was. They hung out with him all day, and I joined them when I was done with the show. Looking forward to seeing your pictures and what you got.

  5. If it makes you feel better, I've also been on one of those busy/not inspired periods, but I'm back. Don't worry, I don't feel left out!
    Looks like you had such a great time at the doll show. For some reason the "Knitting for Barbie" purple tube has catched my eye. I believe there have been several knitting sets for Barbie through the years, but I don't seem to find specifically that one.

    Glad to see you're back and hope you're having a nice weekend.

    1. It was good to be among other doll collectors in person, and be able to see and touch so many dolls and related items! I did miss seeing you around, but everybody has real life intrude at some point.

      I found a YouTube video made by someone named Laurie O'Meara about Barbie knitting products that includes that purple tube in the thumbnail. I'll have to watch it. The tube caught my eye too. I enjoy knitting, but I'm still fumbly with knitting such small items.

      I hope you enjoy what is left of the weekend for you. :)

  6. Hi Barb,
    Sorry I haven't been around much lately, been busy with other things. This must have been a terrific boost for you to see them all in person...I love going to doll & teddy bear shows but it's been so long. Thank you so much for posting all these wonderful dolly photos, I really enjoyed the virtual tour! Of course you are right about the Cissy bride doll, she would have been a difficult one to resist as both Cissy and Brides are always high on my list of what my heart desires. :)

    Hope you are having a whole heap of fun with all your purchases!
    Big hugs,

    1. Fortunately, Cissy dolls were out of my budget this trip, because I really don't have room for them! That bride is a stunner of a doll, though.

      It's enjoyable finding places for my new acquisitions! I'm hoping to get some pictures up tomorrow.