Dolls and Doll-related Items for Sale

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Doll Items for Sale

Since my daughter's wedding is coming up, I'm finally getting together all the dolly things that I want to sell. For now, I am putting them on Mister Dollface and trying to avoid eBay. I've only put a few things up as of September 24th; I want to steadily get everything else up over this week. For some reason, my ads are not showing up on my seller page yet. I'm giving it a little while for them to appear. I also should be getting the next chapter of my storyline up tomorrow or Tuesday! Have a good week!

9/30/17 I've added more things to Mister Dollface. I'm also going to add some items for sale directly on this page that I don't feel will draw much interest at Mister Dollface. There will be a tab on the top of my blog, with the link above to my Mister Dollface page, and images added of things I'm selling here.


  1. I'm having to watch the ol' pesos so I can't contribute (thanks mostly to my own dolly habit, LOL), but congratulations on your daughter's upcoming nuptial anyway.

  2. Thank you! Yeah, I have a couple of dolls but mostly bits and pieces from other stuff that I would like to sell. When I put it together, there's really a lot of it though!

  3. Good luck with the sale! And the wedding!

    I'd be curious to hear more about the Mister Dollface selling experience if you ever have the time. :)

    1. When I actually sell something, I'll let you know! :)