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Sunday, November 3, 2013

J-Doll in Only Hearts Club party dress

I went back to Tuesday morning this past week, and while there was not much new, I did find the exact dress I wanted, hidden at the back behind other Only Hearts Club outfits. I grabbed it, and it does fit Lindsay nicely. The sleeves end up just below her elbows, which is acceptable, and the skirt is still a little short but not bad. The tights that came with the dress were far too short, which means that OHC pants definitely wouldn't work, except maybe as capris. The rubber shoes don't work either. They're basic pink flats, and since they don't have a T-strap like the other pair to kind of hold them on, they just end up too loose. But the dress itself was more than worth the $3.99 I paid for the outfit, and it looks good on Lindsay.

The skirt has three layers. The first is the pink net layer that you see above. The next layer is silver with shiny dots on it.

The last layer is plain white (which I didn't show) with sheer fabric below, finished off with the silver dot fabric. Pretty nice outfit for what were essentially children's toy dolls.

Lastly, here is a picture of the purse that was included with the dress. This purse doesn't open at all. The pink heart is a sticker, and the sticker itself is slightly raised, so it doesn't come off as cheap as I thought it did when I first saw the purse in the package. The heart does seem to be slightly off center of the purse, but it's cute. Just about any young girl would like to have one in her size.

I got a bunch of new things recently, so there will be more posts going up in a short period of time.