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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Props

I have neither the space to set up an elaborate Thanksgiving scene at a dining room table, nor the time to set all that up. But before we leave to drive to my in-laws' for the Thanksgiving meal, here are some props I've acquired over the years for a Thanksgiving meal.

We start with veggies being cut up to put into the salad.

The traditional mashed potatoes are being forgone this year. Instead waffle fries are being created. Why not try something different?

My husband insists that can-shaped cranberry sauce is the only true and righteous kind to have for Thanksgiving. Regardless, this is what my doll people have.

Our hostess helps herself to a glass of wine to fortify herself after her hard work. And to possibly help her survive dealing with family. :)

I have two kinds of Playscale turkey. This one was made by Mattel, and comes pre-sliced for the carving convenience of our host. It also came with a turkey baster. That was used earlier.

I won this much more realistic looking one on eBay. It comes with cooked onions and carrots. I believe at one time I also had the slice that has been taken off of this turkey, but it has disappeared.

White meat or dark?
Nothing finishes off a Thanksgiving meal like a slice of pie.

And lastly, my sister-in-law likes to end the day by having the children of the family each make a gingerbread house. This one looks good enough to eat.

I wish all of you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. Hi, Barb and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, too.

    The second turkey looks great. I'm not surprised someone took a slice ;-)