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Monday, November 25, 2013

Two Daydreamers Exclusive Tonner Doll

I saw a picture of this doll over at The Fashion Doll Review. She is "Forever Yours Ashleigh," first in the classically romantic Bridal Series. It's nice to see a doll store exclusive again. Some of my favorite dolls in my collection were exclusives. I think Sydney RTW Elegance was exclusive to Jean's Dolls; Metro Glamour Sydney was a Metro Dolls event exclusive. Calendar Girl Sydney was exclusive to a doll magazine; unfortunately I'm not sure which one, as I bought her second hand.

This Ashleigh is very pretty, from the pictures, and the gown is a masterpiece of draping. The problem is that dress doesn't say "wedding dress" to me. What do you think?

I don't think a wedding dress should show off that much cleavage, and I'm tired of the off-the-shoulder wedding dress. I remember when my sister got married two years ago, she had work finding a dress that wasn't shoulderless and sleeveless. I love the idea of having a gorgeous, fancy dress for your wedding day, but I also think the dress should be something you can spend the day in. Poor Ashleigh here is going to be shuffling down the aisle because she can barely walk in that tight mermaid style. She'll have a hard time hugging relatives and posing for pictures with them without them stepping on that giant tulle underskirt. Not to mention how dirty that underskirt is going to be by the end of the night. Actually, I can imagine her wearing that for the wedding, then changing into something equally as tight and cleavage-baring, but with a lot shorter skirt, and partying hard at her reception. Not exactly romantic, especially classically romantic.

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