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Monday, October 14, 2013

Only Hearts Club outfit

I checked out a Tuesday morning almost a week ago because I had heard there might be good doll stuff to be had there. And while I was mostly disappointed, I did find an Only Hearts Club outfit for only $4.00. I bought it with my new J-Doll vaguely in my mind, and achieved some success!

The top fits, although it is a bit short, and the skirt fits, but it is waaaaayyyyyy too short. However, any Only Hearts Club outfit with a longer skirt should work fine. I would imagine pants won't work at all. I may take the top and skirt apart to assist me in pattern making for J-Dolls, since the overall fit is fine.

Here you see my doll wearing the entire outfit. She's using the purse from the outfit for modesty. And as you can see, she is wearing the stockings and shoes that came with this set. Let's talk about those.

The shoes are interesting. They're made of a squishy rubber. They have nice detailing, and even come as a left and a right shoe.

Alas, they don't actually fit the J-Doll size, although they do look okay with the stockings added. But the feet are really loose in there. Still, it works for now, and they are nice shoes. The stockings work as well, although they sometimes slide down a bit on the smooth plastic legs. Only Hearts Club doll bodies appear to be some sort of cloth, where the stockings would stay put.

The whole outfit is pretty nice quality, especially for such a small size. The little silver stud things on the side of the polo shirt, that are supposed to represent buttons, seem to be pretty firmly attached and not just loosely glued on. The little bow on the front of the skirt is a nice added detail, but what I was really impressed with was the little pieces of twill tape sewn in the inside of the skirt to add stability to the front decorative seams.

I probably should have gotten a better picture of the skirt from the outside, but if you look at the skirt up above, you can see one of the seams just to the (doll's) right, of the bow. Her hand is covering up the left seam. The seams are on a short yoke, and the skirt finished off with another tier, which you can see on the inside out skirt.

And here's a closeup picture of the shoes, from the side. The stitching and button details are neat. The rubbery material used for the shoes lends itself well to that level of detail. I even like how they kind of look scuffed-up. These are supposed to be young girls' shoes, after all. Wasn't it a tragedy when you got the first scuff on your new pair of shoes?

Even the purse is nice, although I didn't feel the need to take a special picture of it. But the strap has a soft velvety feel, and the actual purse has a silky feel to it. The flap is just for decoration on the side; the purse is just open. But the flap is a nice touch to have, rather than just a plain square purse. The decorative strips down the side are that same velvety material. I wish there had been more been more individual outfits made. I am eying one of the Only Hearts Club party dresses; the skirt is longer so it will probably cover up the doll enough. I'm also thinking of giving this J-Doll a new name; I kind of came up with Lindy on the fly. I might change it to Lindsay; I'm not sure if I want to name this doll and any subsequent J-Dolls I get after the names of their streets. What do you think? I have a sister named Linda, so the doll won't get named that! Right now, my girl is just glad to have some clothes to wear. The weather is starting to get chilly here!


  1. Barb, I have those OH shoes somewhere, too. They are nice for plastic shoes, I agree. My Momokos, Susies, and Jennies and Jenny's friends like them.

    I usually re-name additional dolls when I buy multiples of a specific doll. Example - I have several R&D Susies who got new names based on their wave like Parisian Susie became "Peri" while Milan Susie became "Millie." Or Tokyo Trendy Susie going by "Red" as her nickname because her hair is apple red. Always fun to re-name our dolls ;-)

    Getting chilly here, too. Need to re-dress my playscale folk to more appropriate wardrobes.

  2. My multiples should get different names, too, but I'm not very good at naming dolls, or remembering names once I've given them new ones. I probably should just stick with Lindsay because that will be memorable.

    It's fun to redress dolls for the seasons! :)

  3. Can j dolls fit in Blythe shoes

  4. Anon, I don't know myself, since I don't own any Blythe dolls. You might want to check with this web site:

    Remember that the J-Dolls have the same body as the Pullip dolls.

    1. Thank you for the link! I've been wondering if there was a chart somewhere that laid out which dolls can share clothes. Yippee, now I won't have to Google my little fingers off.

    2. I'm glad I could be of help. Hope to see you here again!