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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tonner Fall Release Dolls

So Tonner's fall and holiday release photos have finally arrived! I suppose it is a good thing for me that I'm not overly impressed, since I can't afford many dolls anyway.

Warm-Up Basic Shauna. Was she supposed to come with ballet feet at one point? What is she warming up for? Of course, she'd fall right out of the leotard she's wearing, as it is pictured, if she tried to do anything athletic anyway.

Wow, there's a lot of Patsy stuff. She must be selling well. I'm hoping to get a Pasty of my own sometime soon. My lone 10" Sophie would like a friend to play with. I think I like Perfect Impressions Patsy the best.

I would like to see real photos of the 22" Constance doll, but wow, $450! Also, I like the idea of the Fairytale Basic 22" doll, but the dress is pretty meh for a $300 doll. Someday I would really love to see an American Model doll in person. Sometimes I think the face looks too much like Tyler's for me to get into another line, and then sometimes I'm not sure the face is even attractive. (I do like Tyler's face.) Honestly, the picture of the Fairytale Basic doll wearing the black wig almost looks like a man in drag to me. But the closest doll store to me, about 45 minutes away, closed a while back. Sadly, that seems to be a real trend.

The 16" dolls are rather expensive too! To me, they're just totally not worth it. I guess we'll see how many collectors are willing to pay those amounts. *$125* for the Sleeping Beauty and Snow White outfits, just outfits?

Would you pay $125 for the outfit alone?

I'm tempted by the 16" Vintage Basic doll, though, I have to admit. I love the Daphne face, and I've been wanting a later release blonde Daphne for ages. I'm not sure about the face paint on this one, but then the face paint in a lot of these pictures seems strange. I would imagine they might look quite different in the actual release.

What do you think of this version of Daphne?
The 16" Fairytale Basic doll might be pretty too; I like the sculpt from the Airline Stewardess version. Interesting that "fairy tale" seems to be the new doll trend this fall.

I hope all the new Tiny Kitty items will make TK collectors happy. She never appealed to me.

Lastly, I love the new clothes for Agnes Dreary, but not poor Agnes herself. I'd put them on one of the two dolls I have with the Marley body.

Is there anything on your "must have" list?

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