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Monday, September 30, 2013

A Brief Non-Doll Interlude

Since I talked about my daughter's Homecoming dress, I thought I'd show you how it turned out.

This pre-ruffled fabric turned out great for the 20s look. It gave the movement and visual interest of fringe without me having to sew on yard after yard of fringe. Also, she didn't have to worry about pulling off strings when she sat down. We found the headband at Claire's (teenage girl heaven.) It's meant to be worn like a regular headband, but she wore it down to get the flapper feel.

Here's my other daughter.

She already had the dress and shoes (actually the shoes used to be mine from before she was even born.) We added the black feather boa from JoAnn Fabrics, a black sequined headband and black feathery clip on hair piece from Claire's, plus the big earrings. We ended having a lot of fun with the theme of A Night at Gatsby's, even though most of the other girls just wore the usual dresses, and the high heels they took off the minute they got to the dance. But we've never been afraid to be different, and it made us happy, so it was fine.

One last picture: since I will be sharing some of my sewing for dolls here, I will also be including some pictures of my sewing area. I don't have a whole room, but I do have the back part of Mr. BTEG's and my bedroom exclusively for my sewing stuff, which is still nice. I took a picture of my sewing table with both leaves out. I usually have only the right leaf out, because as you can see, the window is completely inaccessible with that leaf on the left hand side open. But I needed the extra room to cut out the stretchy knit fabric for the dress without having excess fabric hanging down the side and messing up the cutting.

 I'm going to make this week easier on myself, so you should see some doll stuff soon.

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