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Monday, May 23, 2016

Only Hearts Club Dress on Barbie's Little Sister Stacie

A lot of my time and energy right now is going towards the Tonner convention, which starts on June 2nd! I've also cut out doll spending so I can save money to buy things at the convention, and at the doll show which is the last thing taking place, on June 5th. I'm planning on doing blogging from the convention, hopefully putting up something new every day, describing the events.

In the meantime, I decided to throw up this post, for which I took pictures ages ago, and never put up. I know several of you have Stacie dolls, so hopefully you will find this review interesting.

This outfit was made available to buy separately. It consisted of a dress, bolero jacket, shoes and purse. Because of where the waistline is on the dress, this dress does not suit the J-Doll, as some of these OHC outfits do. Stacie looks cute in it, although she has to wear her own shoes.

I think the purse which was supposed to come with this outfit was made in the same fabric as the bodice of the dress, but I got this purse instead. This purse came with another OHC dress, which I have reviewed previously. I totally missed my chance to put this outfit on eBay as: RARE ONLY HEARTS CLUB OUTFIT WITH MISTAKE PURSE!!! :)
Even without the jacket, the dress fits Stacie well and looks nice.
On a hunch, I tried the purple shoes, which came with this outfit, on one of my older Barbie dolls, and they fit! Of course, I don't think they suit Barbie's style very well. They're a bit clunky for a grown-up doll, I think.
One more thing to add. I tried going to the old Makies website to see if there was any new information there, and the site is no longer secure and safe to visit; I got a warning message. I'm hoping this simply means the company will be going with a new website once they open back up, but I don't think it's a good sign. :(


  1. I have been getting that same message on the Makie site for about 2 weeks. I wondered if it meant good or bad news, too. But I also got that same error message about the website of a cable TV channel and it eventually was fixed so who knows.

    One of the Makie company's replies to someone on the public facebook page sounded dire when it said something about they were "glad they had tried" in reference to starting up in America.

    I missed my chance to get a Makie last summer when they reduced the prices. Kicking myself now that I didn't order one.

    Teresa F.

    1. Mr. BTEG told me that it meant their certificate has expired. I guess if they renew the certificate, that will be a good sign, because they're bothering to keep the website active.

      That Facebook message definitely doesn't sound promising. I wonder if they got caught in a bind between price and quality. I don't think the new bodies were going over well.

    2. Oh, and I'm sorry you didn't get a Makie! :( I suppose there's still a chance someone might start things up again in a year or so if they can get the cost down.

  2. Oh wow, the Tonner convention is practically here! I'm looking forward to hearing all about your experiences there!

    1. I can't believe it's almost here! I can't wait to see what it will be like. This will be my first convention.