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Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Doll Gifts!

This year, my two daughters were kind enough to give me dolls for Mother's Day! I got the Ever After High School Spirit two pack of dolls, and a Mattel Belle doll with no real articulation, but lots of accessories. This won't be a real review, because all these dolls have been out for quite a while, but I did want to share some of the fun details of the dolls.

First I'll show pictures of Belle. The design choices they made for her ensemble were... interesting, as you'll see. She comes the way a lot of Mattel dolls seem to have been designed lately: no bending arms or legs, molded on top, detachable fabric skirt. Since she is a Disney Princess, her top has the addition of loads of glitter.

Her hair style has rolled bits on the sides to provide a good place to hide the ends of a tiara or headband. It's also nice and soft.
My daughter knew that Belle is my favorite Disney character, but she also knew enough to know that I would love all the accessories that came with this doll, which was sweet. She came with two tiaras, a hat headband, a necklace, three pairs of shoes and a little purse.
This little hat-on-a-headband looks strange with a ball gown.
I might add some paint touch-ups to these.
This necklace might look better on Apple White. It doesn't match this dress at all.

I think all the detailing on this pair makes them especially awesome.
This rose purse is cute, and appropriate to Belle's story, even if this color doesn't match Belle's dress.
However, not only is it small in height, it's not very wide. As you can see from my finger, Belle is shedding glitter
And that's Belle. I've put the Ever After High dolls below the fold, although I don't have as many pictures of them as I took of Belle, because they didn't come with as much stuff.
The Ever After High set I got is a doll two-pack of Raven Queen and Apple White. They're cheering for their high school athletic team. This first picture is a bit blurry. Apple can hold her horn in both hands, but Raven has a hard time holding up her flag. It is leaning against the backdrop so it doesn't fall. Apple's short skirt is a bit awkward if you're going to display your dolls anywhere above eye level. I like this Raven's face the best of most of the Raven lines that I've seen.

I don't like their boots very much, but I don't really like Raven's shoes in general. I like Apple's bobby socks.

Both dolls have hair that is soft and not gelled or glue-y. I wasn't so big on the colored hair on the EAH dolls, but I loved it on Spring Unsprung Holly, and now I like it on more dolls.
It was a very nice Mother's Day overall, but I have to admit that I like the dolls that I got, too! Do you have anybody in your family who buys you dolls as gifts?


  1. You know you've raised your kids right when they start giving you dolls! ;)

    Glad you had a nice Mother's Day!

    1. Thank you! Yes, my daughters know what will make me happy.

  2. Maybe you could get Belle a sparkly tuxedo to wear that hat head band with!

    1. Hmm. To me, the hat looks more like a country straw hat. Maybe I could make Belle a square dance skirt.

  3. The intenet seems to have swallowed up the comment I left a few days ago. What I said was what a great Mother's Day present although Belle seems to have Cinderellas glass slippers as well as her own. And the Ever After High shoes are very detailed and cute.

    1. I suspect each Princess doll in that line got pairs of shoes from other dolls as the extra shoes, so I bet the Cinderella doll does come wearing those shoes.

      I do appreciate the detail of the Ever After High products even when they are not my cup of tea. I wish the line was sticking to that, instead of producing less detailed dolls and accessories as they are now.

  4. One of the nicest Belle faces I've ever seen

    1. It's not my favorite, but it is nice. Thanks for stopping by.