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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life Gets in the Way, Plus an Online Garage Sale

Since I didn't want to use my daughters' real names online, I christened my youngest as the Dancer. She started ballet at age six and now takes ballet, pointe, jazz, tap and contemporary, so the name is very appropriate. Her dance recital is coming up, and as usual a lot of the costumes, ordered from national dance wear manufacturers, need alterations. This year, there were six bodices that needed altering for girls in the pointe class that the Dancer takes, including the Dancer's bodice. The dance teacher found out several years ago that I sew, so I've done a lot of little things here and there for her on recital costumes. This year, since altering six strapless bodices, that are mostly lined with some kind of foam, was such a big project, I am doing it at home, and she is taking money off the Dancer's tuition fees in exchange for my work. Which is wonderful, but has taken up time I would probably use for doll sewing. I've finished the last bodice, I hope, but yesterday I found out I need to alter the arm and leg length on a small boy's jumpsuit. Another mom also asked for help with one of her daughter's costumes. The seamstress they hired for another costume, didn't want to tackle this one. So only a little more to go, and I can go back to sewing personal stuff.

My daughters are getting rid of all their Barbie dolls and related toys. Reading a lot of your blogs, I've noticed that many of you enjoy picking up doll things at thrift shops. I was considering taking pictures and making a post of all the stuff my daughters don't want, and seeing if there are any takers. I would have to put stuff up a little at a time, I think. I don't have any super great stuff, but it's not any worse than things you find in a thrift store. I would charge a buck or two for most of the things, plus shipping. Let me know if you might possibly be interested. I'm probably going to start that soon.


  1. It's a pity I'm all the way across the ocean! It sounds like a good idea and I bet there are many interesting things there. Won't you keep anything for yourself? Good luck getting rid of stuff.

  2. Oh, I am keeping things for myself! I was going to write a post on some of the things I was keeping, and then I accidentally deleted all the pictures! :O

  3. That's kind of you, Barb. You could also put them up for swaps, too. If there were something you wanted that someone else had. I'll tweet that post when you put it up; the larger the audience for sales, etc., the more likely you are to get stuff picked up. For sale or for trade ;-)

    I will soon be selling stuff. I need to reduce what I have. Good luck. Hope you get the post up about the stuff you decide to keep and that you can restore the photos. (Cringing for you because I have done that at times.)

  4. Thank you, D7ana! I am open to trades, just forgot to write that! I'm really hoping (crossing fingers) to start picture taking tomorrow. It's been an exhausting week. And the photos are gone, so I need to do a re-shoot. Oh well.