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Thursday, May 22, 2014

J-Dolls Wearing High School Musical Shoes

Black Kitty asked me if I was going to keep any of the Barbie stuff that my daughters are getting rid of, for myself. Well, heck yeah! Way back when I was talking about finding more shoes for my J-Dolls, D7ana suggested Teen Skipper shoes. I got confused at the time and thought she was talking about the version of Skipper that came out in 1995. Remember that one, when Skipper suddenly aged to about 16? The first version of that doll was called Teen Skipper, and that's what she's always been in my mind. However, J-Dolls really can share shoes with the younger version of Skipper. It seems that body first came out in 1978. So yeah, found a doll that J-Doll can share shoes with! The only problem is that Skipper's shoes are generally... boring.

Cue Fluttershy saying "Yay"
But then I remembered that D7ana suggested Mattel's High School Musical dolls' shoes would work for J-Doll. And hey, my daughters are giving away some High School Musical dolls. And, they're wearing shoes! Those shoes got yanked off of poor Gabriella and Sharpay faster than you can say "We're all in this together," and I took them upstairs to check them out on my J-Dolls. They fit too! Following are pictures of my J-Dolls wearing the shoes, one girl with tights and one without. There are three pairs of shoes (I must have found another pair in one of the boxes.) There's several angles, for those who own J-Dolls and want a good idea how these look.

First, a pair of white flats. I like these the least. I'm not fond of slingbacks, and slingback flats even less. These might be perked up with a little paint on the bows and the soles.

Next, a pair of silver wedges. These could use a little paint as well, I think. Paint the buckles gold? Paint the soles something?

I discovered a hole in the left foot of these tights. But they're the only ones I have.

And lastly, the pair I absolutely love: gold gladiator sandals with a slight heel. You can even tell the way I posed them, how much I love these shoes. Plus, they do stay on the best. There are even slits in the back of these shoes to get them on and off easily.

I tried to be careful to have the buckles placed on the outside of the foot, and yet I failed for the barefoot doll.

Lastly, while I was trying the shoes on, I wondered if there were any difference between the Type 3 and Type 4 foot. The bare feet up above are Type 4, the ones with tights Type 3. I took the tights off and took some pictures of the feet together for the J-Doll enthusiast. 3 is always on the left and 4 on the right.

The Skipper information, I acquired from the fantastic page Faces in the World of Pink. It's a invaluable resource for the collector of Barbie and her family and friends. The tights look saggy in some of these photos, because they were. They don't have enough fabric to really pull all the way to a doll's waist, plus the fabric doesn't have much "memory." They are getting pretty loose.

Oh, and D7ana? This post is the one where I originally deleted the pictures that I took. I managed to get them taken again this afternoon.


  1. Hey, new shoes! Always a good thing. The feet on the old and new body look the same to me.

    1. The feet are pretty much the same, with very, very slight differences.

  2. Always good to see shoes that can work across doll lines - especially when they're ones that are already in your house!

    Are the new and old j-doll feet slightly different lengths, or is that a trick of the lighting?

    1. Yay, so glad to hear and to see the doll shoes that worked.

      I think that the white slingback ones might be Liv shoes. Yay on that. I would wear the slingbacks - possibly - but I agree that the gold gladiators look great.

      Congrats on your findings and hey, even better, getting back your photos. Now that is COOL.

    2. Type 4 feet are ever so slightly longer, as far as I can tell. For some reason, it is very hard to fit the two feet together, and my Type 4 also wouldn't lay her foot down on the table as nicely as the Type 3 was. There's also a very slight difference in the instep, I think. But nothing too big. The ankle hinge is the biggest difference.

    3. D7ana, I checked online, and I think the white slingbacks are HSM. They come with Gabriella and her red bathing suit. Also, my daughters never owned any Liv dolls, so it's very unlikely that those shoes are for them. I do have one pair of Liv heels I bought myself, that unfortunately swim on the J-Doll, but are slightly too big for Barbie. Might make those work for Barbie with some tights.