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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Versatile Blogger Award

jSarie at Revenge of the Toy Box was kind enough to give me a Versatile Blogger award!

This award involves sharing random facts about yourself. Here are some of mine:

- I visited Germany over the winter of 1989-1990. The first stop was Berlin. If you don't remember, the Berlin Wall was opened between east and west in November of 1989. Thus, I got to touch the Berlin Wall, and even got some souvenir wall chips to take home.

- I am one-quarter Transylvanian Saxon. The Saxons have lived in Transylvania for hundreds of years. They have their own culture and speak Saxon, which is similar to German. Folklore has it that the Saxons are the descendants of the children led out of Hamlin by the Pied Piper.

- My sister and I were born on the same date, two years apart. We were also married on the same date, eighteen years apart. The marriage thing was completely coincidental, because not only had my sister forgotten my wedding anniversary (!), she and her husband got married on a Sunday to save money on a hall.

- I started seriously doll collecting with Caboodles Barbie, which my husband got for me because I loved, and still love, my Caboodle makeup case. I still have both the human-sized and Barbie-sized Caboodle.

I'm going to nominate

- Mrs. Anderson of Mrs. Anderson's All-Purpose Blog 
- Black Kitty of The Mulicrafteral Lab 
She also put up pictures of the Target room box, which I had completely forgotten about!
- my friend Scottius at Scottius Maximus. He posts mostly about sports and gardening, but I'd love to see what random facts about himself he'd come up with!


  1. Does this work kind of like a flickr tag game? What do I do?

    1. I've never done a flickr tag game, so I don't know about that. What you do is basically copy what I did. So-and-so gave me this award. Here are some random facts about me. Then you can nominate blogs you like and pass on the award to them, or not do that part at all, if you don't know anyone you think might like to play.

      Your random facts don't have to be very personal. And if you don't want to play, that's fine too. Lastly, lots of people put blog awards on the side of their blog, like I currently have the Elegant Blogger one up. But that's optional as well.

  2. Congratulations on winning the Versatile Blogger Award. I recognize Mrs. Anderson. I will have to check out later.

    Interesting facts you've shared. I have never heard of Transylvanian Saxons; thanks for sharing that information. .

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing yours, too! And I'm glad you liked the facts.