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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Body Staining

I'm a little discouraged at the moment. I have a couple of the Madeline dolls by Eden that were popular around 2000. One doll I bought used. She was washed and now I should probably get some braid spray to soften up her hair and set it nicely.

The other one I bought in the box. I have had her for a couple of years, but between a couple of moves, I'd never taken her out. I've decided I'm not thrilled with Eden's outfits (they have big tags on the back, on the outside) so I was going to sell most of it. Unfortunately, Nicole's outfit stained her body and chin. And it seems like it was the cotton blouse that did it. Kind of unusual for cotton to stain, I thought. So now Nicole has to endure the indignity of being propped head down on my window sill with benzoyl peroxide on her chin and shoulder. And I will probably not get very much for her outfit. Not that it was worth a huge amount, but every little bit goes toward getting more dolls or outfits or furniture!


  1. That's a shame about the staining - hopefully it will come off fairly easily.

    Good luck with the outfit sale!

  2. Sometimes you can get more if you split the doll and the outfit - sell them separately, I mean, lol. Any return though is better than holding on to something you don't particularly like.

    Good luck.

  3. Thank you, jSarie and D7ana. I'm hopeful about getting the staining off; I've done it before successfully with a Tonner 16".

    D7ana, I do want to keep the doll, just not the outfit. It's a little awkward putting up an outfit for sale and having to say, "Oh by the way, this outfit stains." I'm going to recommend a vinegar rinse for whoever buys it, or maybe do that myself first.