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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Doll Dressing

Since I'm going to be selling off J-Doll Spitalgrasse's outfit, the doll is in need of new clothes. Momoko clothes are adorable, but way too rich for my budget. I don't see too many individual outfits being offered for other dolls, like Pullip, and the prices there can get high too. I'm going to keep looking, but since I can sew doll clothes, why not make my own?

I suspected that Fern's outfit would fit Adelheid (J-Doll's new name) and it does. Fern is one of four dolls Mattel made in its When I Read, I Dream series. She has the older Stacie body. Fern is the main human character in the classic book Charlotte's Web, and she comes dressed in a red and white checked shirt and denim overalls skirt, suitable for sitting around a pig pen, except perhaps for the skirt.

While I guessed that the outfit would fit, what surprised me was how much it makes Adelheid's eyes pop. She looks fantastic in it, a perfect country girl or farmer's daughter. Given the height difference between Fern and Adelheid, the skirt is way too short and the waist of the overalls also comes up too high on Adelheid's body. But I had to take a few shots of her shoulders and head so you could see how great this looks.

My daughters both had their own Fern doll, but were never particularly attached to them. I will probably take one of the other Fern's shirts apart and use it to help me make outfits for Adelheid and her J-Doll sisters. I hope to get to it soon. I'm feeling better, but still tire easily and have occasional pain. Overall I'm doing fine, considering.


  1. Glad to hear you are doing better. Hope the pain goes soon.

    Adelheid looks adorable in Fern's outfit. I rebodied my Fern head onto a Mystery Squad Kenzie body. I like her better as a teenager.

    The doll in your header is lovely. I don't collect larger or resin(?) dolls, but she's very striking. Haunting, Victorian look she has.

  2. I never thought of how Stacie heads would look on "older" bodies. Interesting!

    Thank you for the comment on the header! She is a Tonner 16" vinyl, Elegance Sydney. She was an exclusive in 2003 to a doll store that has since gone out of business. I was frustrated with how blurry the pic is, but my hands are rather shaky right now, so I decided it was good enough. :)

    1. I think Roville had a Dr. Mercedes character with a Mystery Squad Kenzie on a full-bodied, articulated body. Several years ago ....

      I like my When I Read dolls as teenagers ... ;-) They might not suit everyone's taste though. Shrug.

      That doll looks fantastic - I think any hand shaking gave the image a softer, more eerie look. She looks dreamy. Nice mood.

      On the other hand, your Adelheid looks bright and sharp. Her eyes look all-encasing.

      Wishing you health improvement. Take care!

  3. That outfit really suits her - the colours really do work with her eyes and hair! I'd never heard of the "When I Read" series before - that's a fantastic concept.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better - hope the rest of your recovery goes well.

  4. Thank you, jSarie. I agree about the "When I Read" series; wish Mattel would have done more with it.