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Saturday, November 7, 2020

My Collection Part Nine: Reading to Alice, Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy by Tonner

And thus we end the overview of my 16" Tonner collection with three dolls who are... not 16" tall. Alice and Dorothy, however, are sized to fit in the 16" range. They have the same bodies as Tyler Wentworth's sister, 12" tall Marley. While I never liked Marley very much, I love Alice, and since The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies, I had to have Dorothy as well.

Reading to Alice is 15" tall, or so. I believe her body has been used for a range of Disney princesses by Tonner as well. It's a bit frustrating that although she was meant to go with the Alice doll, (it's right in the name) she doesn't fit in very well to the 16" line, in my opinion. You can make your own decision with the body comparison shot I'll show below the fold.

I like my Dorothy doll very much, although she does have a few yellow spots on the waist of her jumper. Toto looks a little bit odd, I think. Also, he's resin, and rather heavy for his size, since Dorothy is meant to carry the basket on her arm. I wonder if a stuffed dog would have been better.

I believe Tonner later introduced a Dorothy doll with the 15" body, which is actually more suited to Judy Garland's actual body type in the movie. We'll go with Reading to Alice next. She didn't photograph well for me. She's not typical doll "pretty" but she is striking looking. I'm throwing in a picture of her wearing an Ashton Drake Gene outfit that I took years ago.

Alice in Wonderland is one of the gems of my collection. Her face looks a little blank in my photos, but I love how she looks in person. I bought her nude, but she is wearing an outfit from Tonner's Nutcracker Clara collection, Off to the Land of Sweets. I'm disappointed in the slippers from that outfit. They were made with just a hair too little fabric, so that the back of the slippers pulls forward. I tried to put the slippers on Alice while holding the back of the slipper with tweezers, but then the stitches in the back looked like they were starting to come apart. Maybe somebody else can wear those slippers.

My youngest daughter, The Dancer, owns a Nutcracker Ballet Clara doll, that I bought her for Christmas many years ago. As you can see, she and Alice are basically sisters. Apologies for the first picture being blurry.

Last picture below the fold.

This one was chiefly to show different body types. In my opinion, Reading to Alice's head is too big to be in proportion with Tyler. She's also bustier, although that's not really unheard of. It was disappointing to me when I received the doll, because Alice does look fine with Tyler. But I'm glad to own all three of the dolls in this post.

Total dolls: 40


  1. I love all three of them, so lovely! The Alice with the Marley body is so very pretty, I like all her outfits as well, and yours is dressed very sweet. I didn't know the Clara doll that your daughter owns yet, it's the first time I see her. She's gorgeous. :)

    1. I'm glad that you like the dolls! Tonner did several ballet dolls, some with the 16" dolls and pointed feet. I discovered after I posted this that the doll my daughter has was named Marie and not Clara; the character has been named both, I guess. But she is definitely a gorgeous doll, and I love her outfit.

  2. All quite different and all beautiful in their own way Barb. I have wanted a Tonner Alice for ages, but they are hard to find at a reasonable price. Maybe one day ... in the meantime I will enjoy sharing yours albeit in photos. :)
    Big hugs,

    1. Lol! I commented without reading any other comments and said almost the exact same thing!

    2. I'm feeling especially fortunate to own my Alice now, Xanadu. It's too bad that Tonner stuff is still so expensive, but I guess that just says how nice the dolls and outfits are. I'll try to make sure I take more pictures of Alice. :)

  3. I like Reading to Alice's pink boots. They look fun. It's a shame about Alice's shoes though but I suppose shoes for a heap of Tonner girls would fit her.
    I've always wanted a Tonner Alice. Maybe one day

  4. RtA's pink boots are nice, although I didn't mention that the heel of one of the shoes broke in half. It's been repaired, but there's a obvious seam there now, since the faux leather was torn. I do have black lace-up boots for Alice, but Tonner clothes are so expensive. It just bugs me when you buy an item made for a doll, that doesn't fit her.

    I guess Tonner Alice is popular! I don't blame you guys; she's a pretty doll.

  5. I think that Reading To Alice is pretty. I love her eyes.

    I think, of course, that Dorothy is fantastic (this is said with absolutely no bias for her name - laugh). I would select a different Toto too.

    1. I'm glad that you like Reading to Alice. I think her eyes are her best feature.

      I was wondering how you would like my Dorothy. ;) At least another basket and another Toto would be easy to find. I should wash Dorothy's jumper, too.