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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

IKEA Furniture

A couple of weeks ago, Mr. BTEG and I drove from our house on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio down to the IKEA in Columbus, to buy a bunch of items that we have been needing for quite some time. Since we did buy several big items, the drive was worth it, and it was also fun browsing, and picking up a few things here and there that we could also use. One of the things that found its way into our cart was the toy bedroom furniture set from IKEA, of course. :) While this set has been around a while, and there are lots of pictures out there, I wanted to show you my own pictures that I took. Plus, I've never seen who could fit in the bed when it is stretched out to full size, and I've always been curious to know how Barbie would look. That picture will be at the end. :)

Mini American Girl Kirsten told me that she was a natural fit to model this furniture, seeing as it is her size, and also came from a store that originally came from Sweden, just as she did. She also told me that if I brought her along on our next trip, she could teach me how to pronounce all the Swedish words everywhere. I dunno, we enjoyed making up wacky pronunciations, just for fun. Or trying to use the German pronunciation that we are used to, to pronounce some of the words, which may not be the right way to pronounce Swedish. Anyway, on to the pictures.
Okay, I don't remember furniture looking like this back in Sweden.
The bed comes with a comfy pillow, mattress, and blanket.
The bed also comes with a plush dragon. I would prefer my Sari doll, made for my size.
The wardrobe is a great height for me, and even has a metal rod where I could hang the clothes that I don't have.
Somehow, a picture showing the chair, that Kirsten is sitting on at the table, didn't make its way into my folder of pictures. Not quite sure how that happened! Anyway, the chair is just a little red chair, suited for dolls Kirsten's size. As I said, there are lots of pictures out there of this IKEA set. It's been around awhile. The colorful striped rug also came with the set. It's solid red on the other side, and is reversible.

The blanket that came with the bed can be problematic. It's a stiff felt type fabric, and doesn't have any drape. It has a giant fold on one end, as does the mattress, to accommodate for the fact that the bed can be stretched out, and wouldn't lay well over Kirsten in the bed, nor Barbie, for that matter. Of course, that wouldn't matter for most of the small kids this set was actually made for. :) My two daughters had Duplo dolls with furniture and bedding very similar to this when they were little, and exactness was not a concern to them.

I do have making more clothes for the mini AG dolls on my list. Actually, I thought it might be fun to try to make a mini version of Kirsten's spring outfit, since I do have mini check pink gingham. I also might now have to try to make mini dolls for my mini AG girls. The list just keeps getting longer. I did not know Kirsten could be so good at throwing shade.

And yes, when the bed is stretched out all the way, it does fit a Made to Move Barbie doll. Her head and feet come just to the ends of the bed, but she could sleep in it. It might actually be convenient for Barbie's Studio Apartment.
So is this picture going in the IKEA catalog?
I hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures.


  1. I wondered about the bed too, how long it is. Thank you! I always thought of this as children's furniture, but it is good to know that Barbie fits!

    1. I'm glad somebody else wanted to know about that! It is really supposed to be a set for children, but I still wondered how long the bed would stretch. I actually wonder why it's made to stretch like that, considering that the smallest size suits the dolls that fit the best with the other furniture.

  2. You're right..that furniture is perfect for Kirsten! I have never been to an IKEA before, but I would love to someday! I still can't get over how much they charge for shipping so I have never gotten anything from them before!

    1. Yeah, we bought a mattress and a bookcase, among other things, so it was definitely worth the trip. I don't even want to know how much shipping would have cost!

  3. I've never seen this at Ikea. But I guess I never really looked for it. Ikea can wear you out if you don't go there looking for something specific. I really like this little furniture set, the bed and wardrobe cabinet especially. I think the bed fits mini Kristen best. She looks really cute in it.

    1. IKEA definitely wore us out, although we did have dinner in the cafeteria, and that boosted our energy a bit. Since it was over a 2 hour drive from our house to the IKEA, it was worth doing some thorough shopping, although we also had a set list.

      The bedroom furniture was in the children's toy section, so if you never go in there, you wouldn't see it. Mr. BTEG and I have been shopping toy stores for over 27 years together, because we're both adults who still like toys! :) Although I have to admit that on this trip, I got some serious grandma "feels" too, looking at all the cute baby and toddler toys. My one daughter is already married, though, and my other one is getting close to the right age, so grandma feels aren't too out of place. :)

      I definitely agree that the bed fits Kirsten best. I did always want to know who else could conceivable fit, though.

  4. Yes, the bed fits Kirsten best, but - you know me - I was pleased to see Barbie stretched out on it. (I had a laugh seeing her on the bed - like a dolly Goldilocks.) Thanks for sharing your photos of this IKEA bedroom set; I had not seen it before now.

  5. I suppose when it is stretched out, the bed is "just right" for Barbie. :) I'm glad I got to share something new with you.