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Monday, April 3, 2017

Notes on my storyline Uncovered Secrets

Chapter one: Addi's first name is pronounced Ah-dee. It is short for Adolfina. I'll let you look up what that means. :)

Bois de Bruyére: I'm probably not going to choose a lot of real place names for this story. In this case, the name means Forest of Briars in French. At least, I hope it does. If you know the language I've used, and I've made a major mistake, let me know. From what I looked up, château means castle.

Märchen: in my story, fairy tales are regarded by most people as they are by most real people today: probably just make-believe stories, maybe some loosely based on some real-life incident. Märchen are people like Addi, whose ancestors lived during the time of fairy tales, and said ancestors may even have figured as active characters in what are now thought of as simply tales. Many of the descendants of those living during that time, have taken it upon themselves to pass down a secret history of the age of magic, witches, and fairies, because of a sense that such history should not disappear. Some also feel those records from the past may be of use against any evil that might still be lurking in a dark forest. Addi and her pack, while they do not completely stay away from people in other villages and towns, still have to hide a certain part of their nature for their safety. Within a reasonable distance, packs in other areas keep up with each other, and there are also occasionally intermarriages. All Märchen are to keep their knowledge of the past as a closely guarded secret, and protect those who have deeper secrets, like Addi's pack.

Märchen actually means fairy tale in German; I've taken it to use as a name for a group related to fairy tales here. 

Jäger means hunter in German. Many of the men in Sig's clan, including Sig, are caretakers of the forest, acting as what might be called wildlife managers and hunters. There are others across the vast regions who serve the same purpose for their own area. Sig found it amusing to basically name their fake brother/sister family after himself.

Schwesterlein means little sister in German. Sig is already enjoying teasing Addi as the big brother.


  1. Nice to have the insider tips before the story comes out! I love European fairy tales. :)

  2. So do I! I've had a story growing in my head with all my EAH dolls, so I finally decided to do something with it.