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Monday, April 3, 2017

Midnight Meeting

The two hooded figures acknowledged each other with a nod as they stepped out into a clearing in the forest. For a long moment, there was silence. One might have thought that the young woman was delicately sniffing the air, and the young man concentrating on listening for any sound that would indicate another presence near by. Then the young man gave a sigh of satisfaction and broke the silence. "Hullo, Addi."

"Hullo, Sig." She paused. "Our pack leader wanted me to thank your clan for the food left for us over the winter. You didn't need to, you know; we..."
"Addi," Sig interrupted, "it was a hard winter. Farmers and hunters would been especially angry at wolves killing their livestock and what game that could be found, and would have killed as many wolves as they could find. Now," he grinned, "I know you haven't brought me out here at midnight to thank me or get a glimpse of my handsome face."
Addi rolled her eyes. "My pack received a message today from one of my cousins, who lives in the Bois de Bruyére. They heard and smelled a stranger to the area near the old... château. But by the time they made it through the mass of trees, whoever was there had disappeared.

Sig raised his eyebrows. "What could possibly be of interest there, now?"

"Nothing, now. That was dealt with as soon as it could have been. But whoever was creeping around that area at night might not be sure of that."

"So, where do you and I come in?"

"My cousin asked if someone from our pack could come and look around a little, as a human. That way, there won't be attention drawn to their pack searching around that area, at least as humans. I know the history and lore of Märchen from other regions better than anyone in my pack, so I was chosen to make the trip. But I can't be traveling alone, as a single female, and I might need help if things get dangerous"

"And I was chosen to be your gallant escort," Sig said as he bowed. "I have to admit, any of your brothers would a little obvious should things come to an outright fight. Hopefully for all of us, this will turn out to be nothing more than a simple case of trespassing."

Addi smiled, and for a brief second, Sig thought he saw a glint of teeth in the moonlight. "It's true; my brothers are not known for holding back in a fight," Addi smirked.
 "When do we leave, then?"

"Tomorrow evening just before dusk. We need to get to the Bois de Bruyére before the trail gets too cold. It will look natural for you to stop by our village before you head out to check on game conditions. You've done it often enough before."

"The brewers in your village make good beer," Sig said with a wink.

"Stay on subject at least for more minute, please! It will look well if we travel as brother and sister. I thought we should choose a unique surname for us, instead of using one of own names."

"Jäger," Sig said with another wink.

Addi sighed. "Fine, if only to humor your childish mind. I'll see you just before dusk, then."

They each took the others' hand, as was a basic custom between every pack, clan and tribe in their region, when an agreement was made. Little did they know what a long path lay ahead of them.
Addi made to slip away back into the forest, but Sig's voice stopped her. "I'll see you at dusk, Schwesterlein."

"Shut up, Sig."


  1. What an awesome story. I can't wait to read more!

  2. What a fantastic start! Very much looking forward to more.

  3. A story is a pretty cool idea.
    Look forward to seeing where this goes

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