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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Thoughts on 2016 Toy Fair

First, let me say that this Toy Fair brought home to me how bad the economy is now. I think that's a big reason why some of my favorite doll manufacturers had very weak offerings. It may also explain why toy lines are focusing on old, proven stuff like Marvel, DC, Disney and Star Wars.

I'm also wondering why I got the best, and fastest, coverage of Jakks Pacific, Mattel, Hasbro and Tonner, from sites that generally focus on comic books and action figures the rest of the year. I definitely appreciated their coverage.

So, Ever After High was apparently not represented at Toy Fair at all. I've seen some pictures elsewhere of new dolls that are supposed to come out in 2016, including some with a new, "friendlier" face mold like Monster High is getting. But if the dolls weren't in the Mattel booth at Toy Fair, there's no guarantees. I can be happy with the Ever After High dolls I have, although there are a few more dolls I want to get, that have already been produced. I'm just sad that the line is not doing well. I don't really like monsters.

Tonner is driving me crazy. I'm interested in a new doll named Miette. There is even an exclusive Miette doll for sale on the Tonner/Wilde Imagination website. But I can't find out any information about her, like how tall she is, or what body type she has. What little I've found out came from eBay auctions selling off the exclusive doll after the Wilde Imagination event in January where she debuted. And I don't trust an eBay auction to be accurate. I feel like her size and body type should at least be included on the page where the one Miette doll is for sale. And it's not. See for yourself. Also, since Miette is in the Wilde Imagination line, I'm thinking the doll won't be at the Tonner convention. Maybe I'll be wrong.

I guess the Madame Alexander Travel Friend doll line is officially dead. I wish MA could have tried to deal with some of the issues, like the strange elbow joint, but that might not have been worth it in the long run.

Lastly, and this is not directly related to Toy Fair, I'm wondering when I'm going to get my Petite Barbie from Mattel. The ordering website still says the doll is slated to be released on 02/01/16. Obviously that hasn't happened, so could I have a more accurate date, Mattel?


  1. That's frustrating about the Petite Barbie - especially considering that they sent out those promotional ones on time! Hopefully it won't be too long now though (I'm still waiting on a figure that been pushed back repeated since October, so I feel your pain).

    I was underwhelmed by this year's Toy Fair as well - aside from a few new minis from Titan I didn't really have anything (dolls, figures or other toys) catch my eye. And usually it leaves me wanting a shopping spree, so I think you're probably onto something with the weak offerings comment. Ah well, good for the pocketbook at least!

    1. Ouch, waiting since October would be difficult. I doubt I'll have to wait that long, but it would be nice to know....

      Short-term, it's nice not to have a huge want list. Long-term, I know Tonner has already cut staff, for one. I hope toy companies will be able to bounce back.

  2. Hi Barb,
    That is sad to hear that EAH wasn't represented this year. That can't be good! I feel like they are popular with adult collectors, but maybe kids aren't as interested...interesting.
    I don't know how I feel about the new MH dolls. I am happy to stop collecting them "going forward" and just finishing off my collection of older ones and moving on to other things that I have enjoyed. Like building up my vintage 80s toy collection and my revamped Barbie interest!
    Speaking of Barbie, I received on of the Petites just this week (the one with the light brown bob haircut), but my small dark skinned one hasn't arrived yet. I am not sure what is going on with them. I wasn't totally impressed by Tonner's new fashion dolls (via their website). I'm glad as they aren't in my budget at the moment. I still love the classic Cinderella face mold the best, so I hope they produce more of them some day. I missed out on SO MANY that came before!

    1. We may be waiting on the same Petite doll, Farrah Lily. I hope that she comes soon!

      I feel about EAH as you do about MH, mostly. I *could* be happy with what's already out, but if the Epic Winter dolls do get produced, I will be picking up several of those.

      I love the Cinderella face mold as well. I'd like to pick up at least a couple more with that face, at some point. I'm putting off any big purchases until after the convention, though.

  3. Hi Barb, I was intrigued by your remark about the new Miette Tonner doll. It is true, on their site there's no real description. I found this blog post from a lady who attended the latest Tonner Convention and she says she has the Chic body:
    Miette is a gorgeous doll.....

    1. Thank you, Billa. I hadn't found that page when I searched. Or I didn't get that far in my searching. That's the most information I've seen on Miette anywhere, including on the Tonner site. I'll be happy if she has the Chic body, because then she can apparently wear Ellowyne shoes, and I love so many of those. I'd like to get at least one Miette, I think.