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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Giveaway -- Barbie Accessories!

I've bought a few Mattel accessory sets for Barbie recently, but there were a few things in the sets that I didn't want. Instead of dropping the items off at the local thrift store, I decided to have a little giveaway. *Only* what is in the picture below will be in the giveaway. I will open the giveaway to anyone, as long as I'm not held responsible if the package gets lost between here and whatever country you live in. Simply:
1. Follow my blog
2. Leave me a comment in this post that you want to be part of the giveaway. I will hold a random drawing on Wednesday.
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Barb, Tam from Planet of the Dolls here. I've been meaning to ask you: I know you're going to the Tonner convention in Columbus this summer. Are you going to the doll show on Sunday? I live in Marion, and it would be nice to have someone to hang out with there,(My grown kids don't want to go any more and Ken always works Sundays.), plus it would be nice to meet you!Let me know. You can leave a comment on my blog where I'll find it.