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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tonner Strawberry Cupcake Mimi and Fall Flowers Lilah Dolls

Since the last time I posted about my Tonner 10", or "tenner," line, I've acquired two new dolls. The first is named Strawberry Cupcake Mimi, not to be confused with the more recent release, Strawberry Cupcake Patsy. The second doll is Ann Estelle's baby sister, Lilah. She's 9" according to Tonner's website. I wanted to get a Mimi and a Babette from the Petite Filles line for my tenner collection; there were only a few styles of each doll produced, and the faces are unique, except for a couple of dolls made in Dr. Seuss styles for a Tonner convention. And of course the convention ones are even rarer.
Mimi's hair is wonky, in that her curls on each side don't really match.
Mimi's body is a mix between the old and new 10" dolls. Her arms are the same as Ann Estelle.
Her knees bend like those in the new Patsy doll line.
Her pantaloons have some faint brownish stains on the legs. I'll try soaking them in Biz detergent.
She has a flaw in the inside corner of her right eye.
Here Mimi is with two of her 10" friends, from the Mary Englebreit and Patsy lines. They each have very unique faces. Sophie's face is also different from Ann Estelle's, but I didn't want to mess around with that many dolls in the picture just then. I'll take a picture of the whole gang sometime.

Lilah dolls are relatively hard to find as well. From what I found, there were only three different Lilah dolls produced, and one of those was also a convention doll, and came riding a large seahorse at that, so her value is much higher. I got my Lilah at just above original retail price, however, so it seems she is not hot in the doll market right now. I still like her. :)

Lilah is described by Tonner as being in a seated leg position. I guess that means she's not old enough to stand up on her own yet. I did stand her up for a couple of pictures, but she doesn't really stand well.
Ann likes being a big sister.
I think the onesie would have been cuter with sleeves.
However, the dress underneath the sweater does not have sleeves. The dress is cute, but there is one flaw. In the bottom right of the picture below, you can see a black thread in between the two layers of bodice fabric. At some point I may try to take the dress apart at the waist to get in and get that thread out. It's not like I have to worry too much about ruining the dress; it's unwearable by itself in this state.

There's also something rattling somewhere in Lilah's body. I may try to get her head off at some point and investigate that.

There are more faces I would like to get for my 10" collection, but I'm not on eBay nearly as much as I used to be, so that might be an issue. I'll talk about the eBay thing sometime soon. In the meantime, I'm glad I expanded my collection of little girls.


  1. Congrats on the new additions!

    I love the expression on Mimi's face - there's something about the bridge of her nose that makes her look like she's in the midst of changed expressions. And her eyes look fabulously detailed as well.

    I've never seen one of those Lilah dolls before - I hadn't realized that Tonner made dolls that weren't designed to stand - interesting to know!

  2. Thank you, jSarie! Mimi does have a lot more colors going on in her eyes than Ann does, plus the eyelashes. Maybe Mimi looks like she's about to start laughing?

    Lilah's a baby, so I guess she's just supposed to sit on the floor and play, which she looks very cute doing.

    1. You're right, it probably is a pre-laugh. Either way it's a great expression! :)

  3. Hi Barb,
    Great collection of little girls! I didn't know Tonner made so many different ones...I was only familiar with the Patsy and Patsyette ones so I learned something new.
    Mimi is very cute! I love her expression as well and was surprised to see that her knees bend. I love Ann's romper and it looks beautiful on her. Was Lilah specifcially made to be Ann's sister?

    1. Yes, Lilah is specifically named as Ann's sister. Tonner based all his Mary Englebreit characters on characters that ME created, and Lilah is Ann's little sister there. In total, the Tonner ME line includes Ann Estelle, Sophie, Georgia, Gracie, Micheal and Lilah. There are more characters in the ME world; I wonder if Tonner would have made more dolls if his Mary Engelbreit line had continued.

  4. A lovely collection of little dolls! Mimi has a very cute face, and the color of her eyes is beautiful. The outfits of all the dolls are great too, I love the romper and the green sweater :-).

    1. The rompers came with basic dolls, in various styles and colors. It was a very nice outfit for the basic doll. I love the sweater, too. I'd love to knit something like it someday.