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Thursday, June 26, 2014

ORCARA and Re-Ment

I'm sure at least some of you know about the great products that Re-Ment produces that are doll-size. They are made in Japan and apparently come with candy or gum. The detail and breadth of items that Re-Ment has created is incredible. I've picked up a few items here and there on eBay, and I'm going to share pictures of my latest set. But what I'm going to show pictures of first, is my new set of minis made by another company called ORCARA. I've read its products are Chinese. There's a lot fewer sets produced, but what they make is pretty nice. Please excuse the lighting in these pics. I was going to take them when there was more light outside, but when your daughter says she wants help cleaning her room, you don't want to turn her down!

The ORCARA items are definitely a better value than Re-Ment. I got this entire set, plus more, for about what I paid for the Re-Ment set, which you'll see at the end.

In the picture above is everything that I'm going to keep. The set is called Cooking with the Master. As you can see, there are pieces that enable you to "make" various items, although I wouldn't call grinding and brewing coffee beans, nor making a salad, cooking.

Some of the pieces are incredibly realistic. It really looks like a pottery bowl and a wood cutting board in this picture.

Most of the items can be taken apart. The lids come off of the coffee grinder and coffee pot. The flour and salad come out of their bowls. And there is a tiny molded plastic "milk" piece that can go inside the measuring cup. I haven't put that in for fear I won't be able to get it apart and I might want to do something else with the cup. And as you can see, the bowl that holds the pats of butter looks very nice on its own.

Considering that the toaster oven is relatively in scale, the flour and sugar canisters are unfortunately wildly out of scale. The sugar one might look nice on a tea table. The flour one would be useless in a real size kitchen.

The spaghetti, strainer and corked bottle of olive oil go nicely with a few Re-Ment pieces I've been saving for a long time.

There is something to go in the blue pot, and even a little dent for the ladle to rest in. It's a nice idea in theory, but...

it doesn't look edible or appealing to me at all. Apparently it's supposed to be spaghetti sauce, which makes sense within the context of the set, but it really does look close to this shade of brown in person. To me it looks more like lumpy cake batter than anything else.

The finished spaghetti product also does not look like any kind of spaghetti that I've ever seen. The spaghetti and sauce pieces will be tucked away somewhere.

And here is my Re-Ment set, a bread machine with bread, oven mitt and jam.

The "glass" lid of the bread maker is a little wonky, but that bread looks good enough to eat. The metal baking pan also comes out. I tried looking up the name in English letters that is on the front of the bread maker, but could not find anything. Maybe it's two Japanese words combined into one.

Just for fun, I took a picture of the ORCARA and Re-Ment oven mitts together. The Re-Ment one is more realistic looking, and even has a slight opening for a hand to go, whereas the ORCARA one is sealed shut. I'd be afraid of breaking the doll's hand or the oven mitt if I tried to use it, however.

The other two ORCARA sets I have are still in their plastic bags. One is for making rice balls, the other for making soy milk. Neither of those interest me, so they're going on eBay.

What cute minis do you have?


  1. Thanks for sharing this new-to-me product. ORCARA, hmmm? Okay, I will look for them in the future.

    I love that jarred spaghetti - the way the spaghetti strands swoosh. They aren't standing stiff like pillars. They've kinda swayed and draped. Pretty effect. And the flour in the bowl and on the cutting board. I add "Congratulations," cause this stuff is neat.

    Somebody mistakenly placed the brownie batter in a spaghetti set? They just wanted to make sure we knew dessert was on the way ;-)

    I can't see my cooks prepping rice balls or soy milk, so I understand why those accessories would go to eBay. Wait, I do have a cook who would make rice balls, but he is NOT getting them now.

    I have some ReMent treasures, some Barbie stuff, and other miniatures. I'll see about doing a sister post to this one. Thanks for the idea ;-)

    1. I love realistic touches in these tiny pieces, like the spaghetti in the jar. I'm glad you like the pieces as well.

      I'd like to see what little treasures you have!

    2. Coming up ... and thanks for the inspiration ;-D

  2. The pieces are very realistic! The cooked spaghetti looks like my dad's omelet to me, and very yummy. I guess you could paint the sauce redder to fix it. The rest is amazing. I'm not into miniatures and props myself, so I have no knowledge on the subject aside from Froggy's tutorials. Orcara seems like a better bargain than Rement.

    1. ORCARA is a much better bargain than Re-Ment. However, there are far fewer sets, and many of those feature very traditional Asian foods served in traditional Asian containers. Not eating Asian food myself, I doubt my dolls will either, but if one wanted to stage a diorama in a dim sum restaurant, for example, their stuff would be great. And the snack food store set is very unfortunately named. :)