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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Return of Sindy

Terri Gold shared the information that Robert Tonner recently mentioned bringing back the Sindy line of dolls. I remember wanting Sindy merchandise when I was young; according to Wikipedia, Sindy debuted in the United States in 1978. I would have been ten. I'm not sure if it was the dolls that appealed to me so much as the fantastic furniture and accessories, although I don't know how much of that was sold here. I vaguely remember a commercial that showed a nightlight, so that probably means Sindy's bedroom set was available here, at least. I'm surprised that I never received any Sindy items as a child, since Sindy was created to be a more wholesome alternative to Barbie, and my mother seemed pretty hesitant about us getting Barbie dolls, if my childhood memories are to be believed. On the other hand, we did have the controversial Growing Up Ginger doll, which could become taller and also grow small breasts. I thought the doll was fun because she could represent two different ages in my doll play. I suppose I must have only been eight or nine, but I think I had already learned from my own observation that older girls, and women, had figures different from my own.

But anyway, Sindy. What would you like to see? Right now it looks like Tonner is only reproducing the doll, but I'd be thrilled if some of the furniture and accessories were reproduced as well. If you have 1/6 scale dolls, this stuff is *great.* What 1/6" scale doll, for example, could not use these lovely dining room pieces? I know my dolls would adore their own horse and buggy!

I also have a fondness for the historically inspired Sindy clothes like these, but I imagine groovier fashions will be more likely to be reproduced. It will be interesting to see what original stuff Tonner comes up with.


  1. I had a ballerina Pedigree Sindy from 1978. I was in my teens then but still buying dolls because I was collecting them. I lucked out and found a brunette. (Most of the U.S. Sindys were blond. Her head seemed too big as a blond.) We - in the U.S. - had most of the furnishings and accessories that the British Sindy, with some variation. The furniture, et. al., were in yellow boxes with the Sindy head logo in black. And there were special accessories that you could get by mailing in a set amount of the Sindy box top thingies.

    Poor Sindy, most of her furnishings were kept by my Baggie Francie and Kate Jackson dolls. I liked her, but Barbies had priority for me then ;-D

    If Tonner wanted to expand their Sindy doll, I would like to see the furniture and the scene setter and period fashions. Sindy seems super 60s to me. I know other manufacturers brought her up to more modern fashions, so that could be interesting, too. Thanks for the links.

    I had Growing Up Ginger, too. She was basically Growing Up Skipper with medium brown hair and medium brown eyes. I traded mine with some money for a NRFB Casey from a Canadian doll collector many, many years ago. I remember the fuss about her "sprouting" breasts. Eye roll.

    Thanks for sharing your Sindy memories and news. I'll have to do another Sindy post on her furniture. Someday ;-D

  2. The ballerina dolls seem to have been the most popular of the Sindy line. They are represented in just about every year.

    I'd like to see your Sindy furniture.