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Monday, August 26, 2013

I'm Too Lazy to Own a BJD

Truly, they are beautiful dolls, who pose well for pictures and have a lot of versatility due to their eyes and wigs being changeable. However, I wouldn't really like all the *work* that goes into owning one of these dolls. It needs a faceup, possibly new eyes, possibly a new wig, sueding, maybe restringing. I don't want to learn how to do all of these things! (Although it seems dolls are usually sent out for faceups.) I also don't want to have to do even more maintenance after the resin body yellows. In computer terms, I want my dolls to be "plug and play;" that is, I want to take her out of the box the way that I want her to be. Of course, I don't begrudge anyone the ability to own a BJD, and like I said, I think that they are really beautiful. But every time I think about possibly trying to save up to be one, I'm just not enthused because of all the extra care required.

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