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Friday, August 4, 2017

New Stuff at Target and Walmart Plus a New Doll Line and Horses by Just Play

Let's get right to the new line first! I don't know if any of you remember a movie called Spirit, which was made by DreamWorks. Apparently, there's a new Spirit movie coming out on Netflix, with three human girls (I think the first film just had horses.) The pictures I took were what Target currently has on the shelves. If you want to see (most) everything that will be produced, go to Just Play's Spirit page

What caught my eye first was the 11 1/2" doll. Her name is Lucky, and she appears to be the main human character in Spirit: Riding Free. She actually seems to have decent articulation!
I presume at least her knees bend, and she also has wrist articulation in addition to bending elbows. As you can see from the box next to Lucky, most of the horses being produced are far smaller than the deluxe doll. At least three of the horses will come with a 5" doll version of one of the three girls from the movie. No individual horses are seen on Just Play's product site, but I saw one in Target, as well as mini Lucky and her 7" steed.

I'm sorry I didn't get pictures of all the horses. I just grabbed a couple because we were in a hurry. If you look past Lucky and Spirit's box, it looks like one of the other mini dolls with her horse was also on the shelves. All three of the girl characters, Lucky, Abigail, and Prudence, will be produced in mini size with her horse, and 11 1/2" size without a horse. It looks like there will be a deluxe Lucky and Spirit set in the 11 1/2" range that will also include a novelization of the movie. From the pictures, the 14" Spirit looks as blocky as the mini Spirit above, plus the taller Spirit has a mechanism where she can "really" eat carrots (carrots included.) However, the Lucky in the deluxe set with the horse is wearing the same costume the Lucky dolls here are. Yeah, it's her signature outfit, but it might give parents more incentive to buy both the individual doll and the doll and horse set if they looked somewhat different. Anyway, it's exciting to see something new being produced.

Also at Target was a new Our Generation veterinarian examination room. I really like the counter with sink and the cupboard above. I wonder if that furniture would work for the 16" tall dolls. I kind of think it would. For some reason, I especially like the very realistic looking paper towel roll holder.
Oh, look, it's my finger.
Lastly, there's a new entry in the DC Super Hero Girls line. Starfire has been produced with her sister Blackfire. At least in the Teen Titans cartoon series, Blackfire and Starfire were really not best buds. Then again, in the adult DC universe, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are sociopathic killers, so whatever.
I saw this camping themed playset at Walmart a few weeks ago. I think most of it looks very promising: the chairs, the fireplace display, the couch and the coffee table. Plus the coffee table and the couch have a fake wood grain which is a touch of realism you don't always get with Barbie playsets. But repaint those chairs and the fireplace back wall and they'd be nice for display, too. I'll be getting this at some point.
Lastly, I saw this Barbie Club Chelsea doll, and wanted to share a picture with you. To me, she looked like a total vampire toddler, like she would burn up in the sunlight. The blank stare doesn't help her spooky appearance. In the store, her pale skin seemed to "glow" even more. Maybe she's the baby from Twilight. In which case I guess she would just sparkle in the sun (blech.)
Come play with me!
Have you seen anything new on toy shelves? Are you looking forward to a new toy that's yet to appear?


  1. Hi Barb,
    Great toy updates! I haven't been to Target in ages (because I'm trying to save money, haha), but last time I was there, the shelves were bare as I suppose they were getting ready to restock with new merch. Glad to see there is so much new stuff! I'm interested in seeing some reviews of this Spirit line!
    That OG vet set is pretty cool. My 5 yeard old LOVES animals and says she wants to be a vet (or a hairdresser, lol) when she grows up so I may put this on her Christmas list. :) The Barbie set looks great too and I'm really tempted by that!
    I did see the new Chelsea Club dolls and I totally agree with you!! Twilight baby, haha. And this line made me laugh too: "Then again, in the adult DC universe, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are sociopathic killers, so whatever." HAHA :)
    The only new stuff I've come across lately are the new Fashionistas and a few new Shoppies dolls. I feel like my area is slow to get new releases!

    1. We were only in Target for groceries, but of course I had to walk through the toy aisles, right?

      I must be in the minority, but I'm uncomfortable seeing Harley and Ivy treated as just "two of the girls" in the DC Super Hero Girls. The original Harley in particular is physically and mentally abused by the Joker, although recently in some incarnations, she's finally ditched the Joker, and is now in a relationship with Poison Ivy, ironically. Young females are even idolizing the Joker and Harley's relationship, only seeing the fun-loving, prankster part, and not the homicidal, insane, abusive part. *steps off soapbox*

      I'm glad you liked my writing! :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Yes, Barb, I TOTALLY agree with you. Harley Quinn is all the rage in my daughter's 2nd grade class and they all want to be her for Halloween. I think it's such an inappropriate character for young girls to idolize (and I'm talking about the Suicide Squad version NOT the cartoon DC Superhero girls.) This is a really dark character, I agree. My daughter was asking for the outfit, wanted to use temp coloring to do her hair, the fishnet stockings...ughhhh. My husband was mortified when she wanted to dress up like her and really put his foot down. I tried not to make a big deal about it and luckily the desire faded away and now she wants to be Moana. :) I'm glad they made them very friendly in the cartoon and I'm sure none of these little girls have actually SEEN the Suicide Squad movie, but it makes me uncomfortable as well. I am glad to hear she has ditched that creepy Joker! They should probably take into consideration the fandom surrounding Harley and maybe give her her own redemption movie where she become good again. Ha.

  2. That camping set looks pretty coolbut it's weird that they're "camping" in what looks like an exceptionally comfortable loungeroom!
    I'm going to bet that vet set would work with 16 inch adult dolls. Now that we're starting to see more of the OG stuff where I live, it's getting really obvious that most of the stuff is too small for an 18 inch doll.
    That Starfire doll is the first thing I've seen that's made me even mildly interested in the whole DC Girls line
    And I'm pretty sure that Chelsea doll is some kind of demon from the show Supernatural.

    1. Presumably they're supposed to be in a woodland cabin somewhere. Which just put Cabin in the Woods into my head and made me think it would be fun to do a Barbie horror story! XD When I was a Girl Scout, my troop camped in a "house" during the winter one year. We had a stove and running water, but for other "facilities" we had to use a pot, or the outhouse outside. We girls, at least, also slept in sleeping bags on the floor. One winter we did go tent camping during the winter, snow and all. The tents were on platforms so we were up off the ground, and we slept on cots. We also did our cooking over a fire.

      Yeah, that OG stuff is proportionately too small for the 18" dolls. You can see in the picture partially obscured by her finger that the doll's head comes up above the wall. Honestly, even most of the original Pleasant Company American Girl stuff was small for the dolls as well. I can only presume this comes down to cost, for the most part.

      There's already been an individual doll of Starfire produced, but I didn't like her as well as I like the one in this set.

      How I could I forget Supernatural? Just paint her eyes over with black or red, and she's good to go.

    2. Partially obscured by *my* finger!

  3. I was just at Target and Walmart and didn't see any of these. Target was pushing a lot of clearance things so maybe they are on the way to my stores.

  4. I was at Target recently too,and I saw the 11 1/2" Lucky doll with the horse. It's not only the same outfit,but completely the same doll. I was surprised that the company didn't make her at least slightly different so people would buy both.That's what is usually done.Did you notice that the Lucky doll's body looked very much like the Project MC2 dolls?

  5. Yeah, I really don't get making the dolls look exactly alike. Of course, since it's a direct-to-Netflix movie, maybe that's the only outfit she ever wears. But again, it's a direct-to-Netflix movie; are little girls going to be so enraptured with the character that they'll freak out if one of the dolls isn't wearing the movie accurate outfit?

    I'm not really familiar with the bodies of the Project MC2 dolls, so I didn't really notice any likeness.

  6. I saw two girls from the Spirit set: a blonde with short hair and the long-haired brunette you show in your post. Their heads looked too big for my taste, but I did wonder if their bodies could be used for Barbies. When they get discounted ... pause for evil chuckle and hand rubbing.

    I'd gone looking for the new series, the Fresh dolls mentioned on Roxanne's recent blog post. I'd seen a few photos of those dolls on Instagram. Sigh. The Target I went to did NOT have those new dolls. (Or maybe they sold out before I got there? Nahhh ....)

    I laughed at the comments about the eerie Chelsea. She could fit in with the Twilight crowd.

    Oh no! Pause to recall the horrible experience of watching the first Twilight movie. Dramatic convulsions and hand waving and head averting. No ... no ... noooooo!

    Soothing self-talk. Okay, you don't ever have to see that movie again. You've been through worse experiences - yes, really, you have.

    LOL, full of monkeyshine, I confess.

    Thanks for the store update.

    A Barbie horror film would be fun! Like they could watch the Twilight movie and react to that, lol. Shudder. Who else is scared of that?

    1. Honestly, that was my first thought when I saw that Spirit set as well: body swap!

      There was no sign of the Fresh girls at all at my Target either. I haven't been in my local Walmart in a while. Actually, my Walmart has a new service where you can order groceries and pay for them online, then set a pickup time with your store, and the groceries get delivered right to your car. If I go into Walmart at all, it's probably going to be for the toys! :)

      You know what I think is the worst thing about the Twilight movies? The Fifty Shades of Gray movies. I admire your intestinal fortitude for sitting through one Twilight movie!

  7. LOL, re: body swap thinking - great minds, huh?

    I refuse to suffer the Gray movies. I just cannot imagine any fun in them. Not for me. All the things I could enjoy seeing ... anything but kinky crap. I acknowledge and thank you for recognizing the torment I endured viewing that first Twilight movie. LOL.

  8. Wondering if the Our Generation veterinarian examination room could work for Barbies. I think someone used their horses for Barbies. Something to check next time I'm in Target ....

    1. I don't think the furniture pieces could work for Barbies, but maybe some of the accessories. Of course, Barbie furniture is usually never properly proportional, so maybe it could work.

    2. By that I meant, my eye is used to seeing Barbie furniture that is somewhat smaller than a true 1/6 scale. So maybe that furniture just looks too big too me because I'm used to seeing stuff on the small side.