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Monday, September 19, 2016

Lots of New Stuff at TRU, Including Made to Move Barbie with Fashions!

I had to drop off my daughter off near my local TRU today, which meant, of course, that I had to stop in to TRU. I was totally stoked when I saw that there was a new Made to Move Barbie, wearing a dress and with other clothes and shoes! I'm going to save her picture for last, though, and start with Monster High. I'm not into the line, but I know that some of you are.

Are these fashion packs new? I don't remember seeing them in stores, but that doesn't mean they're new. If they are, dare I hope for EAH fashion packs? At $4.99, I'd probably buy every different one.
This is the first time that I've seen Welcome to Monster High Draculaura and Frankie. I think they're cute, and they're still articulated. Not a lot of accessories though, besides the photo booth masks.
It seems like Mattel is going for packs of items with Barbie. I suppose they're doing it with Christmas gifts in mind. There are two large fashion packs.

There's also a 5-pack of Fashionista dolls, most of which have already come and gone in stores. This might be a fun pack for a girl, if you didn't have any of the dolls already.
I also saw two dolls with extra fashions/accessories, in what seems to be a new line, Malibu Avenue. The smaller fashion pack above is also Malibu Avenue. Is it too much to hope for some packs with a single outfit and pair of shoes, like Fashion Avenue? I mean, if I had a nearby doll friend, I might be able to split out one of these large packs with her, but I don't like enough of what's in each pack, to buy it just for myself. Same goes for the dolls below.

Of course, some of this stuff might find its way to somewhere like a Tuesday Morning eventually. I bought a set much like Malibu Barbie above, recently. Here's a couple of pictures of her. As you can see, I wasn't getting good photos through the plastic, so I gave up on it.
And finally, the new Made to Move Barbie! She wears a dress and this outfit comes with a microphone. She also has a scientist's white coat over a simple dress, and a soccer uniform. There is also a toy microscope, and a soccer ball. I was disappointed that only Barbie was on the shelf, but judging from the pictures on the box, I'm hoping at least the other three out of the first four MtM Barbies will come out in this type of set. I'm looking forward to seeing what type of clothes will come with the other dolls.
Will any of these items be on your Christmas list?


  1. Hello Barb! I like the Pink Passport big fashion pack, but I haven't seen it in my area. I would buy the 5 doll pack, because I don't have any of those and I really like at least 2 of those. Also, the ones that I'm not really interested could be sold on eBay or used for a custom attempt. I like the new Made to Move with outfits, I just hope they release more characters, specially those that don't have a MTM version. What about Nikki? Or the one with the ice cream romper? Or one with a very dark skin tone, so we'll have more skin options for rebody.


  2. I saw the Pink Passport items at my TRU, but I didn't take pictures as there are already pictures of those all over the internet. That is a good price for the 5 doll pack, considering I'm seeing people ask over $10 for those dolls individually. I don't know if we'll get more of the Made to Move dolls as different characters before Christmas, but if these sell well and there seems to be customer demand, maybe we can hope for those next year.

  3. I haven't been inside a TRU in over a year so I have not seen any of these items before. I think it's time for a trip.

  4. The Made To Move set in particular makes me happy, since I've been crossing my fingers that the MTM dolls would become the new standard articulated body and not just a short-lived experiment. I guess they must have sold well enough to expand the line?

    1. It looks like it! I'm not overly fond of this particular set, but I like the idea. It's just what people wanted, more outfits for the Made to Move body.

  5. This is the first I have seen of the MTM doll with extra clothes! I really hope they come out with more curvy girl or petite packs sold separately with a doll, though!
    As for MH, I do like that Frankie a lot and will probably add her. I don't feel compelled to collect all the MH reboots, so for now, just going to get ones that I really, really far that has been the 4 with their pets and hopefully this new Frankie. That Draculaura is probably the cutest one I've seen as well!
    Unfortunately EAH has pretty much disappeared from my local Walmart! The only thing that has been in stock for the past 2 months have been the buget ballerias with the reboot faces. I still haven't seen those 3 new girls. It's pretty disappointing. I went to Target yesterday and it was a little better, but really only just the Epic Winter. I guess I'll just have to get them on Amazon! It's nice to be able to catch up on the older ones I'm still trying to collect though. :)

    1. I imagine they will come out with fashion packs for more of the different bodies, even though it may take a while.

      I like the Frankie and Draculaura dolls myself. I'm interested to see how the reboot goes.

      There isn't much EAH at my local Walmart either. That seems to be a general trend at Walmarts right now. I heard a rumor that they will be rolling out Epic Winter closer to the actual winter season. My Target has Epic Winter plus the new signature dolls, and the rereleased signatures. TRU seems to be the only store that has the Birthday Ball dolls. Of course as you said, there is always Amazon.