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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rebodying Belle, and Ever After High Book Party Ginger Breadhouse

I've started getting into the trend of rebodying dolls with the new Barbie Made to Move bodies. However, the first doll I picked to rebody was an older doll, a Mattel Belle doll from... quite a while back. I have many dolls that would be fun to have out again, if they were a little more posable, including this one. I did have to wash Belle's hair, to clean out the rubber band that had dried out and stuck to her hair. I haven't managed to make her hair behave enough to avoid using a rubber band completely.

First, here's Belle dressed as a modern young woman. I quickly discovered that this top sheds sparkles.
She has the ability to actually carry books now. :)
And here she is in her original clothes. The dress is too big in the bust now, but it works. Now she has the ability to offer tea to a visitor to the castle.
And she can reenact scenes from the movie.
Below the fold, I'm going to put pictures of another older doll of mine who could really use a rebody, and my new Ever After High doll.

This poor girl is Austrian Barbie from the Dolls of the World collection. The front of her torso is discolored. I've never seen this happen this badly before, with a Barbie doll. Both Ashton Drake's Gene line, and Madame Alexander's Alex line, had this issue happen to them. I believe it happened with two of the dolls that I had, one Gene and one Alex, but I managed to find people willing to give them new homes, fortunately. I love the color of Austrian Barbie's eyes, and her braid with the pink ribbon. My best bet here would probably be to find another Austrian Barbie doll.

Lastly, my birthday was last Wednesday, and I got some dolls that were on my wish list, including Ginger Breadhouse from the Book Party set; she's my favorite of the Gingers made so far even though she's basic. But despite being from a budget set, she does have interesting quirks, which I wanted to share.

There were three dolls in the Book Party set: Ginger, Lizzie Hearts, and Kitty Cheshire. I have no idea why this particular group was picked, nor what the Book Party was all about. There's not really much of a description on the box, and there was never a webisode made about a book party. I'm not sure if Signature Rosabella had been introduced when this group came out, but she would have been a natural for this.

Anyway, I didn't like think much of the outfits that the other two Ginger dolls came with. Since this one was basic, she cost less, which is great, since I'm going to end up redressing her anyway. She didn't even come with a stand, although she can stand up by herself.
Ginger dolls have a reputation for being wonk-eyed. This Ginger's face turned out pretty well. Her hair is very soft, except for her bangs, which are gelled to Ever After High and back. Her headband looks like somebody took a bite out of her gingerbread house. :)
Her budget-ness shows in how thinly her hair is rooted. But it still gives acceptable coverage, at least for me.
Here is Ginger's set of books. I like how they're attached like an old-time school girl's.
Her necklace here is very much like her signature necklace, except that this one includes a book. Her dress pattern is interesting, being a mix of gooey candy and pages of books.
Her shoes also have this same combination. The top strap around her legs looks like an ice cream cone, and then there is ice cream, melting onto the books that are on her heels. Someone save the books!
For how basic this doll is, she at least has articulation, which makes her a great candidate for re-dressing and adding accessories. I much prefer this type of budget doll! And I guess I managed to create a book theme for this post. :)

Do you like buying basic dolls to re-dress?


  1. Happy Birthday! Love the bright hair on your Ginger there.

    It's great to see some older doll heads getting the Made to Move body treatment - Belle looks happy to have that new flexibility! ;) And it's good to know that the colours still match as well.

    1. Thank you! Ginger's hair is awesome, and it suits her.

      Unfortunately, many of my older dolls don't really match well with the new articulated bodies, but at least some of them will. It's bringing new life to my collection!

  2. I have signature Ginger and her hair is also poorly rooten. Mine didn't have wonky eyes, which is what I was more scared of. I had to buy mine on because many Ever After High dolls were never sold in my country.

    1. Well, then I'm even more pleased that I bought the Book Party Ginger. With her hair in ponytails, it's harder to tell how thick her hair is. Wearing her glasses also makes it harder to tell if she has wonky eyes.

      It's too bad you haven't gotten more of the EAH dolls where you live. Maybe the ones that did arrive there didn't sell well overall. :(

    2. I meant to say, with her hair in pigtails, it would have been harder to tell how thick her hair is, so I might have been disappointed. This way, I knew from the start what her hair was like.

  3. I really like basic dolls, because I'm all about redressing. Love your Belle! I want these trousers pretty badly, but they haven't shown up around so far. As for the Austrian Barbie, maybe she could use Raquelle's body? The same happened to my two collector dolls - Enchantress and Galadriel.

  4. Thank you! I hope you get those pants where you are; I haven't seen very many of those around here either.

    Raquelle might work; maybe I'll look around on Amazon. It's interesting to know that you had the same problems with Barbie dolls. At the time I had issues with my dolls, I was more involved in the 16" doll community, so maybe I just heard more about it there.

  5. I love Belle in this new body :)And she looks so cute in the cape!

    1. Thank you! I do like that cape very much, and she looks very sweet looking out from under the hood.