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Saturday, June 4, 2016

2016 Tonner Convention Day 2

Today was a lunch event, and a dinner event. There were also a couple of workshops to make things for your doll. I signed up for a workshop tomorrow afternoon. And of course there were the ubiquitous sales rooms, a room featuring some of Tonner's lines over the years, and the competition room. There is also a raffle room which I haven't been into yet.

First of all, the lunch event was based on Comic Con, and the event doll was Agatha Primrose, cosplaying Alice in Wonderland. This doll was available for purchase after the luncheon. She was cute, but I'm only bringing one doll home with me, if that, and she wouldn't be high on the list.
The centerpieces on the tables were large plastic figures such as Batman, Super Mario, and Darth Vader. At our table was a Stormtrooper, which I ended up walking away with after two other women at my table passed because they had flown here, and it wasn't worth it to them to ship the item home. I'm sure Mr. BTEG will find a place to put it. This time, the centerpiece was free, but again, only one person could take it from each table. The table hostess has a card, and at every event, everyone at the table writes down their name next to a number. The individual's number is how the centerpiece prize is drawn, and the individual and table number is how the door prizes are picked. Today, the super-hero themed cloth under the figure also came with it, but the original person who won the Stormtrooper claimed that, which was fine with me.

At every place setting was a box of three DC superhero doll-sized tees.
Here are some other pictures from the lunch, including people dressed for the ComicCon theme costume contest. Sorry about the weird lighting. My camera does have different settings, but I'm not even sure what setting I should use in the conditions.
Fezzes are cool.
Does anyone know who the centerpiece figure is?
A look around the room.
Some people costumed their dolls too.
Meg didn't get a costume, but was proud to show how she could stand by herself.
Supergirl, Catwoman, the Tardis, Harley Quinn.
Black Panther, Queen of Hearts, and a tablemate festooned with Hello Kitties.
The final winner of the cosplay contest, shown above, was a young miss cosplaying as... Agatha Primrose, and holding her doll wearing a matching outfit. She posed with Robert for this picture.

I find Agatha Primrose kind of interesting, because description-wise, she is a lot like my daughter the Dancer. My daughter plays Pathfinder, likes the Hunger Games and Doctor Who, cosplayed as Anna from Frozen, and is going to GenCon with her dad in August. Clothes wise, though, Agatha dresses like no teenager I've ever seen, even the nerdiest of them. Maybe they wear that stuff in upscale Manhattan.

Everyone was assigned a table number at the beginning of the convention, and sits at that table for all the meal events, but the actual table number locations get switched around for every event. This time, my table was at the front of the room, and we were first to get in line for lunch! For some reason, iced tea was provided at every seat, even though I'm sure many people didn't drink it. I don't think anyone at my table did. One of my tablemates requested lemonade, so I got some of that as well. It was very refreshing.

The presentation at lunch was the history of the ComicCon phenomenon.

Dinner event below the fold!
So the dinner event was themed on Deja Vu, Tonner's line featuring a young woman who might have lived multiple lives. As a result, the doll, and her various paramours, wear clothing from different eras. I thought the centerpiece doll would be from the Deja Vu line, but she wasn't. She is on a 22" American Model body, with the Belle Dame face. She certainly was a very impressive doll. Again nobody at my table wanted her, or rather, nobody at my table wanted to pay over $300 for her. The little birdcages with the tea lights were a free souvenir; there were even boxes under the table to pack the birdcages in.

I think there might have been a souvenir Deja Vu event doll available for purchase, but I'm not sure, as the sales room was not open tonight, and the special dolls are only available after they're revealed at the event. And by revealed, I mean someone standing on the floor in front of the stage holds the doll up, and if your table is close enough and you're at a good angle, you can see her.

This was another costume event, based on the different Deja Vu doll eras. For the costume contest, the contestants did a circle dance around the dance floor, and the judges looked them over and narrowed down the field to a final six, then three by applause, and the winner was then voted for by applause.
The man in the Egyptian costume called himself American Pharaoh. He came in the top three.
I liked the Marie Antoinette costume. She made the final six.

I really liked the brocade Regency style gown.

The woman with the feathers in her hat dubbed herself Maid Marian. She won the contest.

There was a younger man there who, well, he obviously works out a lot, who was dressed only in an Egyptian style wrap around his waist, and an plain Egyptian headdress. O.O He didn't take part in the contest though. As one of my tablemates said, it probably wouldn't have been fair. ;)

Robert Tonner received a lifetime achievement award this evening from Dolls Magazine, and some of his well-wishers who couldn't be there sent videos.

Before I left to drive here, Mr. BTEG and I were joking about the differences between the gaming conventions he attends, and this one. Mine can include multiple outfit changes throughout the day, whereas at his, people change outfits after, oh, a day or two. :)

To make room for the dance floor, the buffets were gone, and we were served dinner in courses instead. By the time you finished your course, the next one did not take very long to arrive, which was nice,

I took some pictures in the Tonner doll history room and in the competition room, but I will save those for another day. I'm ready to get some sleep!


  1. The unknown doll looks like one of the lead characters (an Orc) from the upcoming Warcraft movie.
    -- Mr BTEG

  2. Oh wow, that Stormtropper is huge! I can see why the people who flew in would have passed on it. I think the figure with the tusks is Durotan from Warcraft.

    Love the dress on the other centerpiece - although I can see why she didn't sell. What do they do with the centerpiece dolls that don't sell at the convention?

    1. Thanks for the information on the figure.

      Centerpiece dolls are available in the sales room later on after they are revealed on the tables. They sell there at a higher price than the centerpiece winner can purchase it for. After the convention, I think they go up on Tonner's website.

  3. Agatha Primrose as Alice in Wonderland looks like she shares a closet with Dorothy of Oz, imo. Those shoes and stockings, lol! That huge stormtrooper looks a lot like the huge figures that Walmart had back around Christmas.

    1. I totally get what you mean about Agatha's cosplay outfit. The skirt doesn't hang the way I think Alice's should. Although Alice does wear striped stockings in Through The Looking Glass.

      I think I remember seeing the stormtrooper for sale as well, although not some of the other characters like Mario and Batman. There was also a Stormtrooper Luke, helmet off, and I'm sure a few more.

  4. This looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing about the convention. A doll convention with a comic-con perfect! :D

    Hope the rest of your time there goes well! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm utterly worn out tonight, and still have the doll show tomorrow, but it was definitely fun, and I was glad to be sharing the events with you.

  5. Hi! thank you for the information and pictures.
    I'm trying to buy the Agatha Alice doll on ebay but I don't want to overpay too much, do you remember what the retail price was? thank you so much

    1. I think she wasn't more than about $160. From what I saw of the eBay prices, you will be paying way over her retail price right now. I'm glad you've enjoyed my reports!