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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Toys 'R Us Trip: Moxie Girls Ice Castle and Disney Star Darlings

I took a ride with Mr. BTEG to the other side of town yesterday; he wanted to go to Microcenter. In the line of stores there was also a TRU. I didn't find a doll I couldn't live without, or at least one I couldn't get far cheaper on Amazon. :) Seriously, it was nice that they still had Ever After High Spring Unsprung dolls, but I was disappointed to see they were still charging full price.

A few play dolls, though, caught my eye that I thought were worth blogging about.

The first thing I found interesting was this Princess Ice Castle play set. Not because of the play set, but because the dolls included appeared to be Moxie Girlz. Sure enough, the MGA copyright mark is on the box, but it is also a TRU exclusive. Note that this picture shows two boxes, one stacked sideways on top of the other.

I've seen a few bloggers mention the new Star Darlings, which go with a new Disney television show. I saw some of them at TRU, and took some pictures. The bigger boxed dolls were $19.99, the smaller, $14.99. The dolls for sale online at Disney come with a light-up stand, for $10 more than the big box dolls. The smaller boxed dolls are what they apparently look like on Earth, without their star personae.

First the three more expensive dolls.

Next, the two "Wishworld" dolls.

The dolls and the outfits are cute, although the outfits don't match a promotional article I read about these dolls that talks about how not all fashion dolls need to wear mini skirts, and the Star Darlings were going to be something different. I mean, most of these skirts are over leggings or tights at least, but still, pretty short skirts. I like the clothes anyway, in general. The dolls are supposed to be 10.5" (26.67cm) tall. I wonder if any of the outfits or shoes would fit other dolls. Separate outfits would be great if other dolls can wear these clothes, but since these dolls are based on the Zodiac, and therefore there will be twelve dolls, I think separate outfits would be too much to add on top of that.

What really appeals to me about these dolls is the eyes. The eyes remind me a bit of Bratzillaz, and while I didn't care for those dolls, I really did love how the eyes looked. The eyebrows are ridiculously far apart from the eyes on the Star Darlings dolls, but still, this face is adorable.
Are you finding anything good at your stores now that they're restocking toys?

Stay tuned! My next post is about something cool related to Makies! (Although not about the move to the US, which is the big source of conversation right now.)


  1. Ok time to open my eyes again! I ran into Targets grabbed two Made to Move Barbie and left without looking at anything else. LOL

    1. Made to Move Barbies are a great doll to grab right now. Mr. BTEG bought me MtM Teresa for Christmas. But it looks like new stuff is rolling out, and that's fun too.

  2. I finally saw the Star Darlings in person the other day and they are pretty cute. Their eyes are lovely, but I am resisting temptation as I do not need to start another collection! There seems to be a ton of new Disney Princess stuff now that Hasbro has taken over. My 6 year old was squealing with delight over those new Littlest Kingdom ones so now I have some good ideas for her birthday. :) The only thing I left the store with were a couple of those new mini Disney Tsum Tsum vinyl stackables ;).

    1. I feel the same way about the Star Darlings. I do not need another type of doll!

      I saw all the Disney Princess stuff too. I don't love them or hate them. Are the Tsum Tsum vinyl stackables the ones that are in a package of three or four? I like them, but neither my daughters nor I like *all* the characters in a pack enough to make it worthwhile buying one.

  3. I love the idea of inserted eyes, however i prefer more natural dolls. Lately i bought The Descendats Lonnie for half of price:)