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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sewing for the J-Doll

While looking around for possible sewing patterns for the J-Doll, I found this one for Blythe. Since everybody was home today because of the cold weather, I decided it was a great time to putz around with it. It's modified from a Skipper pattern, and at least some Skipper clothes work with J-Dolls. I learned a lot from this dress, but it's not really wearable, so I didn't make an effort to take fantastic pictures. But this is how it turned out:

The biggest issue is that it doesn't close completely in the back. J-Dolls seem to have bigger hips than Blythe, and I also had problems dealing with the seam allowances. They were slightly smaller than 1/4", which is about as narrow a seam allowance as my machine works best with. Still, J-Dolls bigger hips were probably the main issue. Which means she probably wouldn't rock the A-line dress like Blythe does, anyway. Oh well. Overall, it was a great learning experience, and an enjoyable way to spend a cold winter afternoon. Next time I hope to make something she can really wear.

Oh, and this is the new J-Doll I got for Christmas! Her review will probably be the next thing coming up here.

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