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Friday, December 27, 2013

At the Toy Store

Mr. BTEG and I headed out yesterday to do some after-Christmas shopping. The first place we went was a local store named Recess. It is primarily for adults who play table-top games, but the store also carries some high-end toy lines. I wasn't planning on taking any pictures until I saw this set by Breyer which Emily would love:

It's a horse set, with a surprise element! Foals can be a different color than their parents! I presume the sire and dam are the two horses that we can see. It's a cute idea, and of course you want to buy more than one to see what colors of foals you can find.

The horse trailer really appealed to me. Not because I was ever into cars or trucks as a child, or even because of the horse aspect, but just because it looks so realistic. It's like a full-size trailer shrunk down to a toy. There was also a large pickup truck to go with the horse trailer, because of course you need something to pull the trailer to the next adventure. I could see kids keeping busy for hours transporting and loading and unloading horses.

I thought the My Little Pony comic book series would be interesting to some of you. Apparently the stories are suitable for younger kids as well as the older fans.

Lastly, I saw this vanity for Raven Queen at Target. It's nice in that it's very detailed and has a lot of accessories, but it doesn't look that much different than something Gothic-y for Monster High. I'm hoping that's just because of Raven's personality, and that other pieces have a different feel. I didn't get to see Apple's couch there. Has anyone heard what other furniture pieces are coming out?

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  1. AHHHHH!!!! Oh, I wish I had seen that at Rainbow Toys!! How amazingly fun. :D You know me well, Barb, because I would have found that surprise foal completely and totally irresistible! In fact, I might have to see if I can seek that set out online, especially if those are the smaller Stablemates horses, because their prices aren't bad. Thank you so much for sharing this along with the other goodies you found! I haven't seen any of the EAH furniture yet, myself, although I don't think I've left the house since Christmas. ;)