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Saturday, July 27, 2013


I just wanted to put up a new header to replace my first one. It was a picture I took quickly so I would have something there. I don't have a dedicated spot to take pictures, and the best source of outdoor light that I have is a skylight in the living room, while most of my dolls and accessories are in my bedroom. I'm hoping I can improve my doll photography with practice. For starters, I want to get a white cardboard tri-fold, so I can have a good backdrop, and also block all the other miscellanea in my bedroom from view. Right now I have one blank wall between the two windows, and another blank wall across from the bedroom from the windows. Neither provides good natural light.

This doll, by the way, is the Franklin Mint Gibson Girl Josephine doll, in particular, the Orient Express doll. I will be doing a post on her soon. She's one of the favorites in my collection; I love the fashions of that era, and the Gibson Girl's confident attitude towards life in particular.

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